X Games Austin 2015

Moto X Step Up

Our complete coverage of the 2015 X Games in Austin, Tx include photos, interview snippets, athlete portraits, & all the info on the winners of each discipline. Each day will have its own gallery including the Super Stage acts with photos & review.

The very first X Games we held in the summer of 1995. Since then the annual sports event is the biggest extreme sports competition of its kind found nowhere else in the world. After years of it taking place in the state of California the X Games came to Texas in 2014. Once again the X Games takes place in Texas with X Games 2015 being hosted at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Tx. COTA and ESPN made various enhancements for this year’s games after listening to the feedback from the previous year. The layout for this year improved the overall X Games experience. Nearly 140,000 spectators attended this year’s X Games.

This year a new discipline joins the games. The Harley-Davidson Flat-Track Racing made its debut at COTA with the course becoming a permanent fixture on the grounds. Last year BMX Vert took place in front of the Capitol building in downtown Austin. This year, Moto X Step Up took the spotlight and made for a memorable event to see athletes drive their motorcycles up a near 90 degree angle ramp in front of the iconic building.

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