X Games 2016 Day 4 Recap


Everyone who purchased a single day ticket for X Games on a day it rained and evacuations were made for everyone’s safety. Were honored for the final day of X Games in Austin, Tx. Due to the volatile conditions and the wind speed remaining at a dangerous rate the Big Air competitions were cancelled. Despite the cancellations there were still a good handful of competitions and events on the final day. BMX Dirt course surrounded by hundreds of spectators in all directions showed that a little bad weather was not going to affect the final day. 21 year old Kevin Peraza from Tuscon secured his first gold medal with a massive lawn dart front flip. Ben Wallace landed second with a 360 bar-spin to late downside double tail whip. Third place taken by James Foster.


Across the grounds back at the park course, things were heating up with the Toyota Men’s Skateboard Park competition. Pedro Barros from Brazil set the bar high early on in the competition with use of inventive transfer ollies and a smooth alley-oop backside air to secure his 6th X Games gold. Returning X Games champ Curren Caples took home silver with a strong technical run consisting of tricks like a backside smith grind and a frontside 360 ollie. Chris Russell took home bronze placing in third.

2016 X Games COTA-7923

The last of the competitions before X Games 2016 came to an end in Austin, Tx. They were Moto X QuarterPipe, Moto X Best Whip, & Moto X Best Trick. Although the big air course stood tall and mighty in the background, the dirt mounds of Moto X was center stage for everyone. Tom Pages already securing his spot in first place wit his signature bike flip went all out in his final run with an impressive ally-oop 540 that solidified his win for gold medal. Josh Sheehan came close with a fully extended flair earning him second pace and Clinton Moore grabbing third.

Next up was the Moto X Best Whip contest with last year’s winner Australian, Jarryd McNeil defending his gold with his unique take on the classic whip. This was McNeil’s second gold of the games coming after a victory in Moto X Step up on Thursday. Axell Hodges placed second followed by Spain’s Edgar Torronteras in third.


Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick took center stage to close out X Games and what thrilling competition it was. The athletes giving the crowd their all feeding off the cheering and energy from the audience. Jackson Strong executing a huge perfect front flip which ultimately earned him the gold medal. This came after a scare in the earlier QuarterPipe event in which Strong injured his neck attempting double backflip. Josh Sheehan took silver for his third medal of this X Games as Clinton Moore captured another bronze.


The last four days have been hot, fun, and memorable for us at Static Magazine. Filled with incredible feats from athletes all over the world. Looking back at X Games in Austin for the past three years we are sad to see it leave. Wherever the X Games is hosted next we are excited to attend and continue being part of the world-class event. Until next year!


Photographs taken at Circuit of The Americas on June 5th of 2016

Disclaimer: All photographs are copyright Clark Terrell Photography & Nick Radcliffe Photography and cannot be used/cropped/printed without the consent of the owner.

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