X Games 2016 Day 3 Recap


Clouds peppered the Texas sky on the morning of X Games Day 3. With the rain that shut down the previous day early it was unsure how today would fair. Regardless, troves of people crowded Circuit of the Americas for what would be a great day for X Games. Women’s Skateboard Street did have a bit of rain during the competition but that didn’t stop them from wanting to complete the discipline. Much like when I was a young skateboarder and rain affected our course we would work together to help dry it off. X Games staff and women athletes’ grabbed brooms, towels, and leaf blowers to dry off the course. It was a great thing to see the love of skateboarding bringing everyone together for a common goal. I even took part as I could not stand idly by and not be of help. Once the competition could start again, Pamela Rosa hailing from Brazil took her second consecutive gold medal at X Games. Mariah Duran took second place and the award of silver medal. Lacy Baker took third and the bronze medal. It was an intense competition with everyone cheering on every female athlete.


Dennis Enarson who after five previous silver medals added a gold to his collection this year ruled the Toyota BMX Park competition. His consistency in his runs is what earned him first place. Topping second place finisher Logan Martin and Kyle Baldock fom Australia taking third place. Right after a tribute to Dave Mirra took place following with the inaugural Dave Mirra BMX Best Trick competition. Badlock may have earned bronze in the BMX park competition but he took gold in the Best Trick completion with an incredible 720 double tail whip.

2016 X Games COTA-5344

Action continued with the Women’s Skateboard Park final which saw the young competitors ride the transition-heavy concrete course to progressive new heights. 16-year-old Kisa Nakamura took the gold by landing a variety of well-executed tricks including a backside Smith grind on the high extension. A valiant effort by reigning gold medalist Lizzie Armanto earned her second place with alternate Jordyn Barrett taking third place, narrowly beating the X Games’ youngest competitor, 11-year-old Brighton Zuener.


Before the remaining competitions could begin (The Real Cost BMX Big Air, America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air & Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick) we were hit with some rain. That resulted in cancellations of some and postponing of others for the following day. Blink 182 made a surprise pop-up show in front of Big Air for hundreds of fans before the main concert that night. It gave a taste of the great concert experience to come.


To close out the night All Time Low and Blink 182 performed in front of thousands at Austin 360 Amphitheater at the heart of the Circuit of the Americas. All Time Low started off the night with Old Scars/Future Hearts. You have love how engaging the band is with the audience it fits the pop rock/punk bill just right. Never a dull moment with the boys of All Time Low running side to side on stage. Asking for all the guys in the audience to hold up the girls on their shoulders creating a great photographic moment during the concert. At the end of their set Jack Barakat jump off stage and walked to the rear of the crowd to crowd surf back towards the stage like a rockstar.

2016 X Games COTA-6628

The moment everyone and myself had been waiting the entire weekend. Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and newest edition to the band Matt Skiba walk on stage as Blink 182! I’ve been waiting years and years to see the live. As a 30 year old I felt like a teenager again singing along to all the songs with everyone in the crowd. “Feeling This” from their 2003 self-titled album started off the night following up with “What’s My Age Again?” which launched everyone into a sing-a-long. You knew at the moment Blink 182 was back in full force. Matt is so great for the band and his voice matches Blink 182 songs so well. The band in between songs interacts with the crowd and does funny skits signature to their live shows. It was hard to imagine for many how X Games could top last years A-List performers Nicki Minaj & Metallica. After tonight it was evident it was not meant to top but continue X Games and what it stands for. Blink 182 music has been such an influence to the athletes and lifestyle found at X Games. It was fitting to have them be part of it.


Photographs taken at Circuit of The Americas on June 4th of 2016

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