X Games 2016 Day 1 Recap


X Games returns to Austin, Tx for one final time. In the third consecutive year X Games brought with it over 17 disciplines including one special event; Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick Competition. Thursday began with practices for most disciplines throughout the day from Skateboard Vert to Street. Leading up to the Moto X Step Up competition and Harley-Davidson Flat-Track race. This year there was no event taking place on Congress St. in front of the Texas Capital. The reason for this was the culmination of feedback and knowledge from the previous two years. It would make sure that attendees could watch every competition as they took place in the same area, at Circuit of the Americas. Last year I missed out on the flat-trace race due to the drive to reach the step-up competition at the Capital because they took place around the same times.


South from the track and off in the distance; Mother Nature paints a magnificent display of lighting. Exploding with ferocity in the pitch-black storm clouds. Luckily for us at X Games it did not pose a threat to the night’s competitions. Crowds gathered to watch riders reach for the sky in the LifeProof Moto X Step Up. Each athlete gave it their all displaying months of preparation for the single moment that would earn them the gold. In a rare tie, Jarryd McNeil from Australia and Libor Podmol from Czech Republic both took home the gold by clearing the staggering height of 33 feet. Italian rider Massimo Bianconcini took bronze by clearing 32 feet.


As darkness loomed over the track after sun set you could still see lighting near the horizon. Massive light fixtures sparked to life illuminating the show grounds. Puddles of water littered throughout the interior of the track appeared like mirrors reflecting light from the towers of light. The place was one big mud pit from all the rain that took place days before X Games. The crew however worked hard keeping the place intact for the flat-track race to continue without issues. From the pits you could hear the powerful engines roar to life from drivers and their teams. Checking and double-checking everything on the motorcycle to prepare for the coming race about to take place. The race ended with Jared Mees taking first place over-taking the leader in a previous lap and crossing the finish line. We were fortunate to capture the very moment he crossed the finish line to take home the gold. Kenny Coolbeth , Jr. took second place and Brad Baker took third place.


Photographs taken at Circuit of The Americas on June 2nd of 2016

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