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After cultivating a committed fan base with their first album, To Plant A Seed, We Came As Roman’s fans  have stayed loyal and true.  This was clearly the case at Come and Take It Live in Austin, Texas this past weekend. The band has been around for 10 years with five full length albums under their belts. Their seniority in the scene was supported by their energy and confidence on stage.


Oceans Ate Alaska

Tempting Fate opened up the evening, and by the time Currents got on stage, Come and Take it Live was filled up to the back. Sporting band T-shirts and button down plaid, Currents’ laid back vibe with strong vocals and energy was reminiscent of a young punk band from the early 2000’s. Oceans Ate Alaska followed, with progressive, heavier vibes. The Plot In You was up next, performing tracks off their new album DISPOSE. Their set ebbed sporadically between soft and concentrated, to loud and dynamic.

The Plot In You

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans started their set off with a bass track and flashing blue lights creating an intense anticipation for their entrance. They played a newer track off their album Cold Like War, released late last year, that immediately turned the whole floor into a mosh pit. The room was filled with nostalgia after they played tracks off of To Plant A Seed and some earlier albums, which got a strong response, if not stronger, than their newer releases—ultimately proving that these fans have been proud to be there since day one. After a couple tracks, Kyle Pavone (keyboards and vocals) climbed to the second floor balcony and jumped into the crowd. Halfway through the set, Hance Alligood from Woe Is Me surprised the crowd by joining WCAR on stage to finish their track “To Plant A Seed.” With both classic and newer songs alternating throughout their set, there was no lack of energy from the crowd during the duration of the show. Their fans have been strong through the last 10 years and they’ll be sure to hold onto those same fans through their new album Cold Like War and the rest to follow.

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans


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