Thrice ‘Vheissu’ 15th Anniversary Tour 2020


Thrice’s “Vheissu” 15th Anniversary Tour Featuring Holy Fawn, Drug Church, and MeWithoutYou

House of Blues – Dallas, TX – February 22, 2020

Loud, heavy, pretty music.

Holy FAWN opened the evening fantastically with a slow burn buildup of reverby, droning notes that led into Dark Stone, the first track from their debut LP “Death Spells”. The guitars roared and ripped, bouncing from a shimmery clean to a massive wall of distorted sound. Vocalist and guitarist Ryan Osterman’s high, piercing vocal performance perforated the music and paired nicely and contrasted at times, with most buildups leading into emotionally driven and raw screams.

Moving through the relatively short set list, at one point he dropped his guitar entirely to play a Tom drum alongside the drummer and let the ambience grow as the notes slowly died. All in all, their performance was incredible and exactly what you’d expect if you’ve dissected the music as thoroughly as I had. For a first time performing in Dallas, opening at House of Blues is a dream come true for bands without a massive catalogue, and their performance reflected that they absolutely deserved to be up there with these big names.

Dark Stone
Blood Pact

In honor of the 15th anniversary of their hit album “Vheissu” (pronounces Vee-sue), Thrice performed the aforementioned album in its entirety with an almost record quality sound to boot. Led by vocalist and guitarist Dustin Kensrue, even from the opening track “Image of the Invisible”, the band was joined by a chorus of fans which held for the duration of the performance. The light show, albeit dazzling, kept the band shrouded in shadow and fog for the majority of their performance, with the stage becoming clearer as the music intensified.

A relatively tame stage presence failed to tarnish the overall quality of the performance; most of the audience seemed to be at the very least familiar if not diehard fans, keeping the energy up and engagement at high levels for the duration of their lengthy set. As they neared the end of Vheissu and finished the closer song “Red Sky”, Dustin mentioned that they had a few more left as the album may have felt short to some via comments on social media. They went in to perform B sides of Vheissu, a few from more recent records, and an encore of songs from my second favorite 4 part/4 disc album, “The Alchemy Index”.

“Vheissu” In it’s entirety:
Image of the Invisible
Between the End and Where We Lie
The Earth Will Shake
For Miles
Hold Fast Hope
Music Box
Like Moths to Flame
Of Dust and Nations
Stand and Feel Your Worth
Red Sky

B-Sides / Extras:
Weight of Glory
Flags of Dawn
Black Honey

Words in the Water


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