The Locals Only Tour Hits Rhode Island


This past Sunday I drove out to Pawtucket, RI to photograph The Ghost Inside on The Locals Only Tour. The Ghost Inside is the only touring band on the bill on every date of the tour with local bands from each city opening the show. This is the coolest concept for a tour I have ever seen, I started photographing local shows and a lot of my friends play in local bands. All of them always want opportunities like what was offered with this tour, and two of my friends band’s were actually on the show so it was great to see something like that come through the area.

First up was Actor|Observer. Vocalist Greg Marquis spent much of their set running around the floor in front of the stage getting those who were there involved in the experience by bringing it to them while guitarist and vocalist Ryan Holman spent his time jumping high into the air. People began to react screaming lyrics back, moshing, the usual stuff that goes on at shows. After a couple songs the majority of the venue had come over to enjoy the show. Having released their first full length album, The Longer Now earlier this year much of their set comprised of songs from it.



Great American Ghost took the stage next. Vocalist Ethan Harrison spent the majority of the set on the floor. Ethan moved aggressively throughout the crowd screaming his caustic lyrics into the faces of onlookers. Eventually some of the crowd gave in screaming along with Ethan as he moved along the floor. The band recently released their first full length album Everyone Leaves and drew much of their set list from that. After a while Ethan moved back up to the stage where he stood screaming on the drum set with drummer Bryan Nowell missing a beat.

Great American Ghost

Great American Ghost

Next up was Colin of Arabia and after pretty much instantly getting knocked to the ground at the start of their set I figured I would just watch, the last thing I need is broken camera equipment. Even just watching I was not disappointed, they passed the time in between songs by asking the crowd absurd questions or sarcastically berating them.

The Ghost Inside took the stage just after 8pm. The entire stage was decorated with a luau theme complete with palm trees and inflatable flamingos. They opened with “Move Me” off of their most recent album Dear Youth. The crowd surged forward as Jonathan Vigil held the mic out for them. Show goers started running from the back to jump on top of the crowd’s main body. Some made it on top and to the front but the mosh pit that had opened swallowed most. The band played songs from most of their releases including my personal favorite “Chrono”. The crowd kept up the energy throughout the set toppling over one another each time Jonathan brought the mic towards them in an effort to grab it. They finished up the night by playing “Engine 45” and inviting the crowd up on stage to finish it with them. Although I couldn’t see into the crowd fans quickly grabbed the mic as Jonathan’s voice faded in and out between several crowd members. The Ghost Inside is still out on The Locals Only Tour so be sure to pick up your tickets.

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside

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