The Bang and Whimper Tour: HIM, cKy, & 3TEETH Live in Dallas

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Unfortunately, I missed the performance of 3TEETH due to heavy traffic, though their sound is excellent from what I’d listened to previously as well as the ending I caught walking in. My true arrival was in the interim between 3TEETH and cKy, an old favorite from my childhood that hand a major hand in my eventual obsession with hard rock and other forms of music.

Opening their relatively laidback set, cKy began with Rio Bravo from Volume 1, with captain’s hat clad Chad Ginsburg functioning as both sole guitarist and vocalist since the departure of Deron Miller, and bassist Matt Deis lending his vocals to harmonize at points as well. Chad’s signature layered guitar tone sounds ridiculously heavy and full live, alongside the wah effect employed by both his and Matt’s bass rig, leading to a full and rich sound not typically found in a 3 piece. I couldn’t help but let myself feel the nostalgia heavy, as they ran through a mostly older song setlist, nailing guitar solos and goofing off with one another as the night progressed. The highlight moment for me was the reference to the “Bernadette Nere” meme in reference to their easily recognized song “96 Quite Bitter Beings” (as the name Bernadette Nere sounds like the opening riff). Closing their set out, they ended with an emotional “Close Yet Far” and the opener to my favorite album, “Escape from Hellview”, with Chad lifting his guitar over his head as he’s seen to do so often, showing the CKY sticker on the back of the instrument.


1. Rio Bravo
2. The Human Drive in Hi-Fi
3. Flesh Into Gear
4. Replaceable
5. Frenetic Amnesic
6. Attached at the Hip
7. Head for a Breakdown
8. 96 Quite Bitter Beings
9. Close Yet Far
10. Escape from Hellview


As HIM took the stage for their final performance ever in Dallas, “Bye Bye Love” by the Everly Brothers played over the PA with vocalist Ville Valo taking to the stage, singing alongside it. By the time HIM made it to the stage, I was hard pressed to find standing area anywhere inside Southside Ballroom, a massive venue that I’m certain was at, if not past, capacity. HIM wasted no time getting right to it, beginning with “Buried Alive by Love” from the album titled after their self defined genre “Love Metal”. Ville’s voice is a thing of legend; his live performance is unrivaled as his vocal range and consistency is almost unearthly, hitting the highest angelic highs and beyond, alongside sinking so low vocally that his voice rivals that of Tibetan throat singers.


HIM has always been a band with a passionate fanbase, and this performance brought the passion out in droves. I saw couples dancing, I saw people crying and singing along, I saw groups of people fighting for some reason.. needless to say, it was an emotionally charged and vivid experience driven by the music alone. Mixing doom metal, hard rock, melody and interlude worthy slow pieces, HIM’s sound ranges nearly as wide as Valo’s vocals. As the night pressed on, the band showed no signs of tiring, leading into a drum solo seconds before jumping into high energy song “Soul on Fire”, a fan favorite. Showing off the copious amount of talent the band possess, next up during “Wicked Game” (a Chris Isaak cover), the keyboard player had a ‘wicked’ solo, fingers dancing across the keys faster than I’d seen the entire night.


Nearing the end, the anticipation started to become palpable, as those in attendance savored their final moments with HIM before they’re gone forever. They’ve had a long run, starting in 1991 as “His Infernal Majesty”, later reforming into “HIM” and carrying on until 2017. Quite the career for a band who remained prevalent though fairly out of the mainstream eye. HIM performed a long and passionate set as a farewell to their fans in Dallas, closing out the night with a “bang” and “whimper”, as the tour package was titled.

1. Buried Alive by Love
2. Heartache Every Moment
3. Your Sweet Six Six Six
4. Kiss of Dawn
5. Sacrament
6. Tears on Tape
7. Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly
8. Gone with the Sin
9. Soul on Fire
10. Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)
11. Killing Loneliness
12. Poison Girl
13. Bleed Well
14. Heartkiller
15. Join Me In Death
16. It’s All Tears
17. In Joy & Sorrow
18. Right Here In My Arms
19. Funeral of Hearts


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