Testament and Sepultura, Live in Dallas


Reminiscent of the previous era, Testament, Sepultura, Prong, and The Convalescence brought people to fill the venue in droves right from the start.

Pregaming started in the parking lot for many, another convincing call back to the era when the wild and crazy rock star life was more easily attainable, and when metal shows were more of a massive production than they are today. The line led around the back of the building, and despite my later arrival I still managed to wait a minimum of 20-30 minutes amongst the already inebriated attendees just to get in.. I’d never seen this many people at Gas Monkey Live before.

The Convalescence

The Convalescence

The Convalescence and Prong opened up before Brazil’s legendary Sepultura came to the stage. An ominous intro of organs and other strings welcomed the band from the PA as their low tuned guitar and thunderous drums took hold of the venue. Joined by other seasoned bands, Sepultura’s sound has stood the test of time; tight and interesting leads, intricate drums, roaring bass and deafening vocals worked hand in hand to deliver quite the noteworthy performance. Yellow beams of light danced across the stage and wove through the members as an eclectic mix of sounds captured the audience, spawning moshpits, headbanging, and the frequent mixed drink flying through the air. At one point through the set, drummer Eloy Casagrande went into an insane drum solo that stayed tasteful but wowed all in attendance, stylistically comparable to Alex Rudinger (The Faceless, Conquering Dystopia). Fast, punishing, and heavily culturally themed melodies wove through the songs as they dominated from start to finish.

Sepultura Setlist

I Am the Enemy
Phantom Self
Desperate Cry
Sworn Oath
Inner Self
Resistant Parasites
Roots Bloody Roots



Bringing along a massive logo covered semi trailer’s worth of stage equipment, Testament took to building up an extensive drum riser, guitar riser, and lighting setup before their set began. Opening with the title track from their most recent album Brotherhood of the Snake, Testament jumped right into their immaculate performance with lights shining in every direction, similar to the massive productions of old.



Seemingly losing no momentum throughout their career, vocalist Chuck Billy wielded a wireless microphone that I at first thought was a lightsaber (lol) as he air guitared along and belted powerful album quality vocals throughout their performance. Stopping in the middle of the song, revered lead guitarist Alex Skolnick stood highlight by a spotlight as he shredded his way through a multitude of notes, playing to the crowd and drawing interaction from even the more reserved. Testament’s performance was nothing short of epic, as their high enthusiasm was met with the exponentially greater movement and excitement.

The band members played off of one another, thrashing about as the standing area turned into a warzone of moshing concertgoers, some considerably older finding comraderie with the young, and keeping the spirit of metal alive. With drinks soaring through the air, the vocalist announced in between songs that the night’s performance was being recorded live on video, upping the energy considerably in hopes of making the memorable night even more so to look back upon. Testament shows no sign of slowing down, as doors were pushed back from the start, they joined everyone into the late hours of the night, with a lengthy and visually striking production leaving little more to be desired.

Testament Setlist

Brotherhood of the Snake
Rise Up
The Pale King
Centuries of Suffering
Electric Crown
Into the Pit
Throne of Thorns
Eyes of Wrath
First Strike Is Deadly
Souls of Black
Seven Seals
The New Order

Practice What You Preach
Over the Wall

Remaing Tour Dates!

04/16/17  The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
04/19/17  The National – Richmond, VA
04/20/17  Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
04/21/17  The Palladium – Worcester, MA (New England Metal & Harcore Festival)
04/22/17  The Paramount – Huntington, NY
04/23/17  Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA
04/24/17  Ram’s Head Live – Baltimore, MD
04/26/17  Metropolis – Montreal, QC
04/27/17  Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON
04/28/17  Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI
04/29/17  Bogarts – Cincinnati, OH
04/30/17  Agora Theatre – Cleveland, OH
05/02/17  Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
05/03/17  First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN
05/04/17  The District – Sioux Falls, SD
05/06/17  Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
05/07/17  The Depot – Salt Lake City, UT
05/09/17  Roseland Theater – Portlant, OR
05/10/17  Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
05/11/17  Showbox Market – Seattle, WA
05/12/17  The Revolution Concert House – Boise, ID
05/15/17  Orpheum Theater – Flagstaff, AZ
05/16/17  House Of Blues – San Diego, CA
05/17/17  Livewire – Scottsdale, AZ
05/18/17  House Of Blues – Anaheim, CA
05/19/17  Regency Ballroom – San Francsco, CA
05/20/17  Brooklyn Bowl – Las Vegas, NV

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