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Courage My Love, Interview: Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour is a great place to connect and talk to your favourite band members and artists. Especially ones you’ve never had the chance to see before, but have adored for years. Straight..

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu: Interview

The change of tone between Always and Angel Guts: Red Classroom may be your most drastic change yet. What was it personally or musically that inspired this change of tone? (more…)

Cathercist Live

“That’s one thing about our band… we WILL remember you. Every show we go to or anything we do, the people that we meet we try to keep in touch with. Whether it’s 6 months..

A Loss for Words Interview

A Loss For Words, Massachusetts’s own pop punk band recently performed at 3065 LIVE in Wareham, MA alongside Our Last Night on the ‘Heavy Christmas and Metal New Year’ tour. After working their way up..

Ezra Haynes of Allegaeon

I was able to sit and chat briefly with Ezra Haynes, vocalist for Allegaeon, just before the quick U.S. run they embarked on between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a very interesting conversation. He filled me in..