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Dark, cold and loud.  Pretty much everything you would expect and want out of local hardcore show during the winter in Oklahoma City. The venue also doubles as a skate park, with building materials and massive unfinished ramps and half-pipe sitting around that really just compliment and to the whole underground experience. When i think of smaller DIY shows, this is the exact kind of setting I look forward to. A small handful kids moshing their hearts out, a select few screaming every word, with a smaller group huddled around just trying to stay warm. In my opinion its nice to see that not much has changed since I stepped foot into the Oklahoma City music scene. The random kids actually skating during the band’s performance almost added an oldschool punk rock vibe to the experience.

[ P H O T O    G A L L E R Y ]

Photographs taken at on November 22nd , 2015 at Industrial Skatepark – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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