Parkway Drive At The House Of Blues In Boston, Ma


Australian metalcore giants Parkway Drive are currently t making the rounds in North America on the Unbreakable Tour with We Came As Romans and Counterparts. This past Saturday they rolled into Boston ready to tear down The House of Blues. A last minute addition to the show was Lich King, a thrash metal band from western Massachusetts. While pretty different from the tour package the crowd didn’t seem to mind as they happily opened up a large pit.


Once the crowd was warmed up Counterparts took the stage. The band opened up with “Stranger” off their newest release Tragedy Will Find Us. Counterparts’ playlist consisted of a pretty even spread from their two most recent albums as well as older songs like “John Fucking Locke” and the crowd favorite “The Disconnect”. Despite being the opening act for the tour package the crowd didn’t treat them like one for one second. Kids were jumping over one another from start to finish of every song, even sitting on each others heads and shoulders to scream lyrics back at the band’s vocalist Brendan Murphy.


We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans was up next. They got the crowd riled up again with the title track of their 2013 release Tracing Back Roots. As bodies started to roll over the barrier the band pressed on into their set list playing hits like “Hope” and “Regenerate”. The crowd never stopped moving as We Came As Romans bounced around the stage.

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive was about to take the stage, but when the venue began playing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” the crowd acted as if that was the headlining act. Person after person came over the barrier singing until the lights were cut and Parkway Drive walked out onto the stage to finish the night. Opening with the “Crushed”, the hardest hitting song off of their newest album Ire. Immediately following that the band rolled right into “Carrion” with the crowd going absolutely insane. I began dodging security and crowd surfers more than shooting for a minute. Once I was done shooting it was time t0 sit back and watch them destroy the venue. Parkway continued on playing some of the best songs in their discography like “Sleepwalker”, “Boneyards”, and “Karma” complete with confetti and CO2 cannons. The band finished to half the crowd chanting their name as the other half chanted “ONE MORE SONG”. After a few moments Parkway Drive reemerged to the crowds boisterous roar as they finished out the set with “Bottom Feeder”. They don’t come to the US all too often so if you’re able to I highly recommend catching one of the remaining dates of this tour.

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