Panic! at the Disco Live


Have you ever waited so long for something that you start to day dream about it? And then the day comes and the only waiting you have left is a few hours? I certainly became familiar with this feeling. On January 19th, I got the pleasure to go to the Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die show. The thought of X Ambassadors, The Colourist, and Panic! At The Disco all performing in one night just made the waiting drag on. But finally, after five and a half hours of standing outside and making a few McDonalds runs, it was finally time.

X Ambassadors was founded September 1st, 2010, straight out of Brooklyn, New York. Opening with their first track off of the The Reason EP, Free & Lonely, the four piece band blew everyone away. At the beginning of their set, the crowd seemed a little shaky. But definitely by the end, they had gained so many more fans. X Ambassadors has this unique sound. It’s upbeat and happy, yet sort of tinted, acoustic, and passionate. If you’re into Matt and Kim, The Killers, or even Man Overboard, I would highly recommend giving X Ambassadors a listen.

Next up was The Colourist. I had been listening to their music for a while now, but I never bothered to look up pictures or member names, so you could imagine my surprise when the band walked out and had a female drummer/singer. They had me sold at that. Having a drummer that is also one of the lead singers is already rare, so let alone have a chick on the scene. The Colourist is a four piece band fresh out of Orange County, California. Their sound can’t really be compared to anything else. It’s all so upbeat and makes you want to jump and dance and just do hours of hair-brush karaoke in your room with your friends. It makes you feel like you did when all you had to worry about was being able to reach where your parents hid the cookies. I would highly suggest everyone goes to check out their new EP, Lido. It will definitely be worth your time.


And finally, after a set change, the ever so beloved Panic! At The Disco walked on stage in a mass of strobe lights and screaming fans. All the attention was on the stage as the band opened with their new hit song, This Is Gospel. Everyone was singing along, lead singer Brendon Urie simply could not wipe the smile off his face, and it was just a generally surreal experience. Panic played all their hits, such as Mona Lisa, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and so many more. There were a few new hits off their new record Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die like Miss Jackson, This Is Gospel, Girls/Girls/Boys, and Vegas. About half way through the set, Brendon took his shirt off (which we all enjoyed) and did his infamous backflip off the drum rise. The crowd went crazy.

All too soon, the time had come. The band professed their love for the crowd and strutted off the stage. It was an amazing night. I certainly gained a few new bands on my iPod. It was a sold out show and by far one of the most insane I have been to. But the night was all worth the long wait, the overly crazed fans, and the January weather. It’s always worth it.




Reviewed by Anna Adelman // Contributing Photographer: Mike Danenberg 

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