Outrun the Sunlight “Red Bird” album review

red bird

Statement from the OTS facebook:
“To say that making this album has been a journey would be an understatement. Our entire outlook on music has changed…”

Taking this in stride, Outrun the Sunlight‘s new album (Due out April 21, 2017) washes over the listener like bathing in sunlight. Departing from the more produced, written inside the studio feel, OTS has taken a more organic approach with the emotional roller coaster that is their new album, “Red Bird”.

I started my play through while driving to work at 7 am as the sun was coming up, and the already prevalent beauty of the music struck my heart, filling me with a much more serene sense than the previous record Terrapin(that I still love dearly, mind you). More airy and organic indeed, emotional triggers that weave throughout the music as such establish this band as not only powerful with how gentle the songs can be, but a force to be reckoned with in how irresistibly catchy the hooks are. It leans a bit further in the post rock direction, or so I thought, thus my initial reaction to this music was overwhelming. The delayed clean guitars, present and up front, reach many peaks and valleys. Where it seems to wind down, only to rise in a crescendo that crashed like a tidal wave of audible warmth, it exemplifies the personal attachment guitarist Austin Peters explained went into it’s making.

I drove onward through the early morning mist, and music paired with my visual aid of the red rising morning sun quite beautifully, painting soft reds and pinks faintly across the horizon. If there is any way to listen to this album open, this would be the way.

Single “Red Bird” streaming on YouTube now!

As I progressed on, a more ominous tone set over the melody, one of the multitude of emotions masterfully worked into the 29 odd minutes we have this time around. The lightly distorted bass guitar remained present and roared through, carrying the guitars onward when they stood tall, and similarly when they diminished down to naught but a whisper. The way the songs were written makes every note, every hit of the drums, and every move into a new phase feel quite prominent, all the while maintaining the emotional experience that deems this album worthy of being called quite.. human. It stands as many things executed phenomenally, never leaving you wondering how two polar opposite styles found their way into one another. Maintaining that beautiful melody behind, this remains a facet that drew me to this band at the release of the previous album. I hear riffs that by themselves could spawn massive moshpits, riffs that could lull you to sleep, and breaks among it all that is only describable as dreamlike. They effortlessly work hand in hand and always feel together as a part of a singular idea. Open chording, off time riffing, the roar of the bass and the airy ambient leads all bring the album together in a remarkable 4 piece effort.

Photo by Adrian Perez - https://www.photobydri.com/

Photo by Adrian Perez https://www.photobydri.com/

All of these songs tell a story, and not one is the same. They maintain what feels like a similar narrative as part of a whole, and at times stray far from one another, but never too far to interrupt the ebbs and flows of the record. Whether the feeling of the warmth of love, morose and moody, or heavy and intimidating, the entire record feels so full and is mixed in a way that allow the pieces to be realized in their entirety. I cannot exaggerate enough how human this record feels. It finishes out at a peak of distorted guitar and melody, into a clean, dreamlike piece almost silent. The bass rumbles as a lullaby washes through your head, made vacant after the impact made previously, pulling all of your emotions out with it.

This album is feeling encompassed in 29 minutes of phenomenal progressive post metal.

“Red Bird” will be available worldwide on April 21, 2017, released independently, meaning it will be mailed directly from the band.

You can pre-order the album and stream the single here. 


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