Margot MacDonald: Artist Spotlight


If you live in the Washington D.C. area then the name Margot MacDonald is probably familiar. Margot MacDonald has done more than most girls her age especially when it comes to music. At the age of 22 she has just recently been made NPR’s favorite discovery at the 2013 CMJ music festival and while also being featured on Voice of America and TEDx.

Margot just released her 4th album, “Canvas” and it is interesting to say the least! Now, one can’t simply brush her off by saying, “Oh! She is just another indie-pop artist.” What sets her apart from the rest is the fact that she uses a loop pedal. (Just in case! A loop pedal is a device that let’s you record a sound and play it over and over again in a loop… hence the name!) The way Margot takes advantage of a loop pedal makes her stand out in a crowd. Though many artists have used loop pedals in the past, it is becoming a common thing to see solo artists using them to their advantage, creating a bigger sound from just one individual. She uses the loop pedal to record her voice and then layers it with various instruments while adding her singing on top of all of it.

Along with adding an array of other instruments, Margot utilizes her voice in such a haunting and yet, mesmerizing way. There hasn’t been one song that I have not enjoyed. Each song is an intricate art piece that has been so perfectly put together to create one amazing and unique album!

If you have not checked out Margot MacDonald then you need to do so fast. She is quickly gaining speed and recognition among her peers and I would not be surprised if she wins an award for her music and vocal abilities.

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