Live: One Republic and American Authors at the Hollywood Bowl


Last Thursday night was a magical night in Los Angeles as the Native Summer Tour, featuring OneRepublic and American Authors, made it’s way to the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl is one of the most recognized music venues across the United States and has been home to some of the world’s biggest and most talented artists and musicians. A performance at the Bowl is a huge accomplishment for a band, and that Thursday night beneath the Hollywood sign, OneRepublic and company did not disappoint the 17,000+ fans in attendance.


American Authors opened up the show with a track from their recent debut album Oh, What A Life – “Think About It.” This was my first time seeing American Authors live and (even from al the way back at the sound board) I could feel the energy and excitement the band had for their first time every playing the Hollywood Bowl. You probably have heard American Authors on the radio. You know, “This is gonna be the best day of my life… my li i i i i i i ife.” Yeahhhh – that song.


The band followed up with a song called “Luck,” which is my personal favorite song on the record. It’s got more of an edge to it than some of their more pop leaning tracks. The band’s newest single, “Believer,” was a big hit. More and more people were filling their seats for the show and singing along the words to the songs.

The Brooklyn, NY band played a few more songs on the album before closing their set with “Best Day Of My Life.” By that time, about 75% of the arena was full and singing along to the lyrics of the uplifting, catchy track. What a great way to end American Author’s first show at the bowl.


OneRepublic kicked off their set in a cloud of smoke and neon lights with a song titled, “Light it Up” – and they did just that. The song transitioned so gracefully into “Secrets” and then “All The Right Moves,” two of the many #1 hits the band has claimed over their musical career.

Vocalist Ryan Tedder filled the arena plenty with his huge vocals and beautiful melodies that had the audience entranced. He looked out into the crowd in amazement as he explained “We used to rehearse a mile from the Bowl. It’s the last venue we had left to play in Hollywood, so tonight is a night seven years in the making. Thank you for being part of it.”


During “Apologize,” OneRepublic surprised the crowd with a playful cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” Guitarist Zach Filkins performed a Spanish guitar medley including looped synthesizers, guitar riffs, and basically turned his guitar into a percussion instrument as he played.

A Hollywood Bowl show wouldn’t be complete without a special guest, and what a special guest there was during OneRepublic’s current hit single, “Counting Stars.” Gavin Degraw graced his presence on stage and lent his vocals that complemented Tedder’s flawlessly in the upbeat pop song.


OneRepublic finished off the night with a three song encore including a beautiful cover of Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World” and current radio single, “If I Lose Myself.” What a perfect song to end the starry Hollywood evening with. For my first time to ever witness OneRepublic’s musical talents live, it’s a night I will never forget. Their show is more than just a concert, it’s an experience and what a true pleasure it was to be there.


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