Interview with Gentlemen Hall

Gentlemen hall has been one of the most talked about bands to come from Boston over the last coming years. This Indie-rock sextet has made a name for themselves and has produced music that landed them a spot on tour with Third Eye Blind and a showcase at this past CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. We were lucky enough to catch up with the band just as they were getting off tour with Third Eye Blind and enjoyed hearing about their experience and their goals as a band. 

Responses from bassist, Rory Given


Tell me about your musical background and when you realized you wanted to make music for a living?
“We all come from different backgrounds, Gavin and Rory played in a punk band back in their teenage years, Seth plays flute so he’s got that classical influence but he’s also a big Hip-hop head, Brad grew up playing jazz but now he spends most of his time writing phatty beats, and Cobi has been a Rock nut probably since the womb.  Oh and our drummer Phil still believes he’s living in the 70s funk/fusion era.”

Where did you pull inspiration from for the debut record that’s coming out next year? 
“A lot of modern “Alt” stuff and a lot of older “cheesy” stuff.”


Have you guys started recording the record yet? If so, what has the process been like?
“Yeah, we’ve been in the studio a ton – when we’re recording it’s like “turn the guitar up” then it’s like “turn the synthesizers up” then it’s like “turn the guitar up more” then it’s like “turn up EVERYTHING” and then it just sounds great.”


How do you think your band has progressed from when you first started in 2008 to the new record you’re putting out this coming year?
“Our music has had a few facelifts through the years as we’ve found a balance of all our influences, we think the upcoming record is going to be the best stuff we’ve ever created.  We’re always writing and developing the new material, some of these songs come together within a week and some take months, maybe even years to get to a point where we really want to share them.  There have been a lot of hours put into this record.”


You recently toured with Third Eye Blind. That’s awesome. How was that experience for your band and do you think that tour helped you gain new fans in areas you didn’t have any before?

“That tour was great.  We got to play in some new markets for us to crowds of 2k+ and met a lot of great new fans, but we also had no time to do laundry so we probably got a lot of haters from the front row as well.”


What’s your favorite thing about playing live music?
“The electricity.  For a band, the energy coming off the crowd is just as important as it is to put on a good show.  When you’ve got a great crowd, performing transcends just about any other human experience.”

If you could only pick one record to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?
“Collectively, over the past few years some of our favorites have been Miike Snow, St. Lucia and a few others but at the end of the day it would probably be something by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Herbie Hancock.”

Are you planning a tour or a big release event for your debut album coming out next spring?
“We are indeed.  We haven’t set the release date yet but we’re about to announce new dates for the Spring you can catch on or the usual social networks.  “

What can people expect from your upcoming album?
“People can expect the urge to take all their clothes off and run down the street covered in green jello.”


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