Interview: Andy Thomas of Black Crown Initiate

Where did the name Black Crown Initiate come from?

There’s a school of tibetan monks, the spiritual figure head wears a black crown… because i’m like a Westerner, I think we’re all fucked up and perverted, fucked up and I hate everything, wish I was dead. I feel like the only way to help anybody would be to show them how fucked up they are or fucked up you are. I guess that’s what the name symbolizes. We’re in a really bad spot as a race of people, humans, the human race.

Do you feel like you show some of the shitty-ness of humanity with the music?

I probably show my own shitty-ness more than anything else. which is really all I can do but it’s gonna all reflect on each other.

Black Crown Initiate just blew up out of nowhere, you put out your EP and it was received very well. You weren’t on a massive label to help spread the word by instead it was by word of mouth.

It was surprising because we didn’t do any touring or promotion of the album. After that people started emailing me from the industry reaching out.

Was this your first experience with something blowing up on the internet?

It was pretty wild. I was going to give up. I was tired of trying to get the band together so I put the EP together. I wrote it with our bass player, Nick. It was my way of saying, well you know I paid for it out of pocket so I could just sit down a record something one time so that I could say I got to do it. Then, “Do you want to go on tour with Behemoth?” Yeah, sure. I was terrified.

Are there any bands that you’d like to go on tour with in the future?

Yeah, I’d like to go on tour with Tool, I’d like to go on tour with Mastadon, Gojira, Opeth, I’d like to go on tour with Between the Buried and Me, I’d like to tour with Periphery. I’d also like to tour with Manfred Mann. I’d like to tour with him, probably a lot of cocaine with those guys if they’re still around, I don’t even know if they are (Yep, they sure are).

Selves We Cannot Forgive will be released July 22 of 2016.

What’s your excitement level on getting ready to put out the new album?

Pretty excited to put it out, I feel like it went very well as far as how hard we worked on it, writing and all. I think a lot of the industry’s first reaction to the first track was “Well, I hope it all sounds like this” or “I hope it doesn’t all sound like this”. It’s all dumb because every sound is different just like the rest of the shit we’ve done. If you don’t like it, go listen to something else. There’s all kinds of stuff on the album. I hope people buy it and I hope we get to go tour on the Moon or something. At least like Nigeria. I’d like to go some places like that… maybe Mongolia. I’d like to tour other dimensions.

Do you ever find you have any conflicting styles while writing?

Nick and I write music really well together. A lot of our preferences for music are very similar. A lot of time we find that when we’re writing, we’ll both have an idea and it’ll end up being the same idea. And that’s just how it works. Writing music and bringing it together for us is never really troublesome, it’s really the rest of the shit… like having to not shower and beat off in bathrooms all across the country, that kind of sucks sometimes but writing music is fun.

You pick and choose…

Yeah, you gotta pick and choose your battles. I choose to beat off.

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