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Have you ever talked to someone without expecting much but they turn out to be very surprising? That perfectly describes my experience talking with Louis Moore, drummer of Dear You. You can just tell from a thirteen minute conversation how passionate he is about music and helping other people, and even his knowledge of Harry Potter.

Anna Adelman: First off, congratulations on making South By So What?! This year.

Louis Moore: Thank you. We’re very excited for that. We think it will be a lot of fun.

AA: Who are you most excited to play with?

LM: We haven’t seen all the bands that are announced so far. We’re just really excited to play with Cartel. They’re playing all of Chroma and that is one of the most influential albums to us as a band. It’s cool to be able to perform on the same stage as a band that is such a heavy influence. So that’s probably what we’re most excited for.

AA: Have you ever done a big festival like this before?

LM: Well we did play South By So What?! Last year. We also played Warped Tour in 2011 and 2012 so we got to play that twice so that’s a lot of fun. I think South By So What?! Is a little bit better for us because there’s a lot more chances for people watching you.

AA: What bands are your biggest inspirations music wise?

LM: Well that’s a very long list. I guess for me one of my favourites is Fall Out Boy. I got into Fall Out Boy when I was younger and they helped me write the music I wanted to write and be in the bands I wanted to be in. And I mean we all have our own influences but I guess that’s probably the biggest one for me.

AA: Do you think anything would have turned out differently if that would have been a different band?

LM: Yeah I’d probably say so. I was always into pop punk and like things like that. If I was into something different we might not even be a band. So bands like that are definitely the reason we do what we do.

AA: Yeah definitely. If you could put together a tour of you and any five other bands, dead or a alive, who would they be?

LM: Oh dang. It would be cool to tour with bands like pop punk bands that are doing good right now. I’m thinking like State Champs, Real Friends, The Wonder Years, The Story So Far. Um, Knucklepuck is a good one. Transit. Bands like those would be good. But we would also tour with like Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Nirvana, U2, and Prince.

AA: That is a fantastic line up.

LM: That would be the best tour ever.

AA: How do you think your newest album, I Can Only Blame Myself, was taken by the fans?

LM: So far the reaction to that album has been awesome. We put a lot of ourselves into that album. We wanted to make it sound as raw as we could. And more aggressive and more emotional and I think people can really see that and people react really well to that. And people relate to the lyrics. I’m really proud of the reception we’ve gotten so far from it. We climbed up to number 75 on the iTunes alternative chart. That was a really big thing for us. So I think it’s been good and it’s really cool.

AA: So how old were you when the band started?

LM: I was 17 or 18. We were seniors in high school. I feel like we were just about to graduate, but I can’t remember. And now I’m 23, so this band has been about 5 or 6 years.

AA: What do you think the band has in store for the future since you’re all so young?

LM: I think right now we’re at such a great position. We’ve got a lot of stuff lined up that I wish I could talk about right now but I can’t. It’s gonna just lead us to bigger things and hopefully getting on bigger tours and touring with bigger bands and meeting people and writing more music and making more fans. I think we’re in a great position to do that and take the band where we really want to be.

AA: What is one thing you hope the band can accomplish in its lifetime?

LM: One of the biggest things is that I just want to have effected anything, honestly. Have our music help overcome something because music has always done that for me. When I’m feeling sad or whatever I always turn to music I can relate to. I hope that we’ve been able to do that with anyone so we can keep doing what we want, keep doing what we love as long as we possibly can without having to worry about what’s gonna happen with the future or anything like that. That would be awesome.

AA: What is one piece of advice you would give someone in my age group for just getting through being a teenager?

LM: I can tell you that there’s always gonna be moments. Sad times and hard times. It comes with growing up and growing out of things. And change sucks. I know, I hate change. You just gotta remember that things always, always, always get better no matter what. Even if it doesn’t feel like it will, and I know, I’ve been there before, it always will. And trying to find something to hold on to, something to fall back on, something positive, when things get dark like music, or art, or writing, or video games, or friends. Just always have that fall back so when things get rough you can keep your mind off of it until things do get better.

AA: Wow. That is great advice.

LM: Yeah, when I was a kid, when I was 18 I went through a rough patch. It was a break up, a long term break up, and I wish I had someone telling me it’s gonna get better. Because it did and now everything is great.

AA: What is your favourite part about being on tour?

LM: So much. The fact that I can spend every day with my best friends is awesome. I know it’s cliché to say that, but we’re literally best friends. We get to hang out, we get to have fun. That’s cool. And getting to travel and see different places we never expected to go is awesome. You get to play music and do what you love every day. It’s incredible. You get to meet new people and make new friends. There’s just so much. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.

AA: Where is your favourite place you’ve been?

LM:  We haven’t gone everywhere yet, so my answer will probably change. This next tour we’re going to New York and stuff and we’re pretty excited. I’ve never been there. One of our favourite cities to go is probably Springfield, Missouri.

AA: Really? I’m in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s about an hour away from Springfield.

LM: Oh that’s cool! We actually record in Springfield a lot. We have a lot of friends out there. Every time we go up there we have a lot of fun. That’s probably one of our favourite cities to go to, but like I said, we haven’t been everywhere yet so I’m expecting that answer will probably change.

AA: What is the worst thing about being on tour?

LM: Being tired all the time. You literally never get enough sleep. You’re staying up late and waking up early. And sometimes it’s days without a shower so you’re in a van with a bunch of stinky boys. So that kind of sucks because we’re actually sort of high maintenance and we have to shower and clean. When we go a few days without that we get all uncomfortable and so that’s probably it. Being tired and stinky.

AA: Yeah I can imagine. What is your favourite tour memory so far?

LM: There’s a lot. We just like to have fun, I can’t just pick one single memory. We just like to have fun, even if something bad happens. Like yesterday, we were supposed to be playing a show like six hours form home and on the way there our van broke. It was a really crappy situation, we had to drop the show. And we’re just now getting back home from that. Even during those times we like to make light of it and have fun. It’s just really cool how we don’t let it get to us or fight ever really. But as far as picking one single memory, I can’t do that. It’s hard.

AA: I have one last question. If you were to be sorted into any Harry Potter house, what would it be?

LM: Uh Gryffindor of course.

AA: Why?

LM: Because Gryffindor is like the good guys. Always the best. Harry is from Gryffindor, everyone else. I don’t know, Gryffindor is the coolest.

AA: I think Ravenclaw is definitely the coolest.

LM: Ravenclaw is cool, probably the second coolest. If I couldn’t be in Gryffindor, I’d be in Ravenclaw. The other two, I mean, no one wants to be in Slytherin unless you’re an asshole. And Hufflepuff is just lame. I mean, who wants to be in that one?

AA: Exactly!! Thank you!

LM: Yeah all the lame people are in Hufflepuff. So definitely Gryffindor. I just want to be a hero and save the day with Harry.

AA: Sounds like a plan.

You can catch Dear You on tour this winter on their Midwest/east coast tour. I promise you, this pop punk band is not something you want to miss out on. They’re the newest up and coming thing and will be like a slap in the face on South By So What?! 2015.


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