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Static Magazine had the pleasure of having Fabio Tordiglione of Angra answer a few of our questions for their fans. Fabio is known from being part of many music bands including Rhapsody of Fire, Labyrinth, Ayreon, Angra, Vision Divine, Hollow Haze and Athena. He currently fronts three bands: Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine and Angra.

Angra is close to being a band for 25 years, give us a brief background of the band.

Well, the band had many great moments and for sure after many releases and shows, is one of the biggest South-American heavy metal bands. After the release of the first record, we immediately became popular in countries like Europe, France, Italy, Japan and all South-America.  We have the biggest fan bases in all theses countries. Then the same happened with the release of the second record. Of course, in many years some line-up changes different singers, drummers etc. I personally think that today with a new CD and a great new line-up, the band is living in one of our best moments. We have so many ideas, shows, news and we feel really happy to support a new record!!!

Secret Garden is your most recently release, tell us about the concept for that album.

Practically, we talk about a scientist that lost his wife in a car accident while he was driving. We speak about all the depression, thoughts and remorse of that man. In the end, he will “embrace” and reach his “secret garden” and his inner peace, thanks to religion. It is interesting to think about a doctor/scientist following a religious path. I found this kind of concept is something modern and interesting. It let’s people think and maybe reflect about many aspects of ordinary life and have a personal point of view regarding life and relations.

Did the band do anything differently going into recording Secret Garden? 

We produced the CD in Sweden and we wanted a modern approach and sound for the record. I think Jens (the producer) did a great job and the same regarding Roy Z that helped the band in Brazil during a pre-production. I liked the work of all the members of the band. Everyone was involved in the composition process and everyone made his part in the best way possible. The work of the new drummer, Bruno Valverde, was absolutely fantastic!!! We spent something like 2 weeks on an island in Brazil composing, discussing, listening and writing the songs. Everything went in the way we wanted and the recordings in Sweden were great, great moments and nice results!!! We are really happy regarding the new record. The sound is fresh, modern and heavy and with different kinds of songs so the listener will not get bored.

Over the years the band’s line-up has changed. Did it affect the writing process? If so, how?

Of course when somebody is missing or new guys are writing material, songs, and ideas you have some changes in the music and the writing process but the trademark, the main sound is still the same. Also now in 2015, we have 2 of the main writers and founders of the band (the guitar players). I think this is important for the band especially in a heavy metal band. The main sound/style is still the same and probably with more experience and new ideas, we can have new elements and more variety in the songs. I have also to say that every Angra members was important for the band. Good musicians and composers. Everyone wrote and compose that made great things for the band, past and new members.

Recently, many bands have returned to touring with close to or the complete original line-up.  Has Angra given any thought to this possibility for a 25th anniversary performance in 2016?  

Mmmm… I don’t think this will be possible. The new line-up is stronger and more motivated. We are living a very good moment for the band and some past members probably will never agree to do a sort of reunion. At the moment, we have to promote the new record and think about new things, shows, and songs.

Where do you see the current state of Metal music going to? 

It’s hard to say. I mean people are following different kind of bands. If we can have a lot of new bands with many good records this can give new “gasoline” to the metal music in general. Point is that in these last few years, in my personal opinion, we have so many bands with similar songs, voices and styles. They are not unique and this is not so good for the metal scene.

What are your plans for the future? 

At the moment we are planning the tour supporting the “Secret Garden” record.  We will play in Japan, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Germany, and USA (New York and ProgPower Fest.) very soon. The band will be focused in playing many shows and I think at the end of the year we will record something new. Like an acoustic work/DVD with new songs, orchestra, etc. This is the idea we have in mind at the moment. Let’s see what will happen!

What would you like to say to your fans? 

We like to thank all our fans and we are happy with the reactions regarding our new work!!! We hope to share great moments with our fans during this new tour. Of course we will make for all of them the best show possible with the best set-list and performance and surprises.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Angra’s new album “Secret Garden” today!

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