Every Time I Die at The Palladium in Worcester, Ma


A couple weeks ago Every Time I Die played a show at The Palladium in Worcester, MA and naturally I showed up to photograph the chaos. After a little trouble getting my photo pass Keith Buckley himself came out to help resolve the issue which was pretty cool, thanks again Keith! Once inside I got my gear set up and then my primary lens died immediately leaving me to use a not so ideal one for the Palladium’s lighting set up, but I did what I could and still had a blast.

The first band up was Wage War out of Ocala, FL. Having just released their first album Blueprints through Fearless Records they are relatively new to the scene. Despite this, vocalist Briton Bond had a dominating stage presence. If you were watching them and had no idea who they were it would be very easy to assume they had been touring and playing together for quite some time. On top of the band’s killer stage presence their music is a refreshing addition to metalcore, I definitely recommend checking Wage War out and keeping an eye on them in 2016.

Wage War-4

Up next was Polyphia a completely instrumental band from Plano, TX. I as well as many people in the audience found themselves staring in awe at the musicianship of this band. Bands throughout the night were couldn’t help but comment on them. These guys are young and the skill with which they play is absolutely astounding. Polyphia self released an album called Muse earlier this year and just recently signed with Equal Vision Records. If you haven’t checked these guys out you need to, especially if you’re into bands like Animals As Leaders or Scale The Summit.


Stick To Your Guns took the stage next. Its always great watching them play, their stage presence is dominating and their performance overall is powerful. Opening with “Against Them All” the crowd began singing back almost instantly and the amount of people doing so only grew throughout the set. Once they moved on to “We Still Believe” the bodies really started flying over the barrier I ended up getting squashed into the stage a few times. They finished up with the crowd favorite “Nobody” off of their newest album Disobedient.


Keith Buckley wandered on stage to “Moor” off of Every Time I Die’s newest album From Parts Unknown. He sang his haunting verse before the rest of the band joined him on stage at the explosion of the song. The band continued into cryptic riff filled songs like “Floater”, “Decayin’ With The Boys”, and “Ebolarama”. At one point Jordan Buckley decided to grab my camera and try to take some photos of the crowd, but sadly there was nothing on the camera when I got it back. The chaos continued as the majority of the crowd screamed along and literally launched themselves over the barrier. There were multiple times where I was expecting the person to land directly on the concrete inside of the photo pit, but the amazing staff caught them each time. Even when Keith was talking between songs fans were flying over the barrier, it was constant. Every Time I Die finished up their fourteen song set with the fan favorite “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space” and “Bored Stiff” before heading off for the night.ETID-5

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