Enter Shikari Kicks off US Tour in Austin, TX

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Enter Shikari kicked off their North America Tour last Friday night in Austin, Texas at the Mohawk with supporting acts Milk Teeth, and Single Mothers.

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Friday night and opener Milk Teeth packed The Mohawk with eager souls as soon as they took the stage. This female-fronted four piece kicked off the night with head rocking punk tunes, setting the tone of the evening quite well.  Single Mothers was on next; Andrew Thomson’s impressive and energetic stage performance easily engaged the crowd into movement, which at this point had filled out the venue all the way to the entrance at the back of the standing area.

Milk Teeth

Single Mothers

At long last, the anticipated Enter Shikari entered the stage. The band’s spaceship-esque keyboard from their album cover The Spark was waiting patiently on stage, and as the lights dimmed, there was a down over the mic for the arrival of their “ship”. The ambiance of sounds seemed like it was taken straight from an episode of the atmospheric Black Mirror. With each moment that passed, the crowd drew closer and closer to the stage. Drummer Rob Rolfe appeared on stage first, throwing up the triangle with his hands, followed by Chris Batten, Rory Clewlow, and Rou Reynolds. With a headliner’s entrance, you expect a certain amount of energy to emanate from the crowd as they strike their first note and for Enter Shikari, all expectations were more than exceeded. The crowd erupted with excitement and the entire venue started to move and rubble from the sweat-filled bodies. The intensity of the crowd and performance on stage paired together like a red wine and the finest of cheeses. Passion for the music was obvious this night.

Their set included plenty of well-known tracks from The Spark, including “The Sights”, “Live Outside”, “Rabble Rouser”, “Undercover Agents”, and “Airfield”. Not only was the performance something to witness, but their stage setup and image matched perfectly with the album cover and brand of the band. Throughout the show, crowd surfers lined the “skyline” of heads with skyscrapers of hands. Definitely a quality, absolutely lively set that you can put on the top of your list. If there was anyone there that night that hadn’t encountered or heard Enter Shikari, they definitely left the Mohawk as fans.

If you get a chance to see Enter Shikari on tour, don’t sleep on them. Not only is their music energetic and magnetic, especially their tracks from The Spark, but you won’t regret seeing their unforgettable performance.

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari


Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari


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