Diary of a Door Girl: The Debut

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It’s all fun and games until you have to tell a local band they don’t have a guest list; then things get ugly. Hey, don’t blame me, I’m just the door girl.

My name is Kaigen and I do public relations for High Horse Productions based out of Dallas, Texas. Public relations, a.k.a. “the door girl”. There really never is a dull moment.

From band members forgetting their names when they come to check in, to people asking me if they can get into the show for free and being serious about it (you’d be surprised at the amount of times I get asked that question). Each and every show brings another memorable experience.

It’s like if you’re a musician and you’re in a band, you’re genetically programmed to be late everywhere. Including load in times, more specifically. “We ordered pizza two hours ago, where were you?! Sorry you didn’t get any… the bass player for that one band had the last five pieces.” Early bird gets the worm and all that. But for real, we really do try to feed the touring bands because we know how hard it is for a DIY band to tour and pay for everything out of their own pocket.  We also wish we could provide you with a shower because, let’s face it, you all need one… or six.

The fun thing about touring in Texas in the summer is that it’s 100 degrees every day, and a lot of venues these days don’t have adequate air conditioning systems. Well, okay, so that’s not exactly fun. My least favorite part is putting wrist bands on over 30 sweaty band members’ arms, and x’s on all the sweaty underage kids which then causes my sharpie to quit working.

In my opinion, summer is really a cool time for myself and the music industry For the most part everyone is out of school and we seem to have a lot more free time to make it out to shows and support the local and national scene. Those people that say the music scene is dying haven’t seen the thousands of kids that come out to Warped Tour in Texas when it’s 110 degrees out and there’s no relief from the sun hardly anywhere. It’s not just national tours that pull people here, and if I had to choose anywhere in the South to live, I’d choose Texas. All the bands I’ve talked to say that Texas is truly a one of a kind place because of the culture and because of the overwhelming fan base that comes from here. Everything is bigger in Texas they say!

Maybe you yourself are a door girl (or guy! We don’t discriminate here…) or you are just reading this because you want to know what the job is like, or maybe you actually don’t know why you’re reading this and you would rather use this paper as a liner for your cat’s litter box. Whatever your reason for reading may be, this little column serves as my free write and my way of sharing the weird/cool/fun/off the wall/awesome things that I get into weekly and every time I’m asked to sit at the door to greet people.

So don’t forget to buy presale tickets because they’re cheaper, don’t bring in outside food or drink, and please have your money ready when you’re next in line for the show. I look forward to working with you soon!

— The Door Girl

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