Diary of a Door Girl: Winter Wonderland

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Hi everyone! Thanks for tuning in again.

I’ll spare you the introduction details since we did all that last month (and if you didn’t catch that first article, shame on you! Go read it immediately).

The past few months have been slower than I would have liked but we’re definitely getting back in the game. January is set to be pretty busy and I’m stoked for the new year. If you’re from Dallas or any of the surrounding areas, make sure to come out and catch a show. We’d love to have you!

I think the most excited I have been lately was when I decided to dress up as Snow White while working a local metal show. I didn’t sport a full on princess gown or anything ( I know you’re probably trying to picture how that worked.) It was more of a modern day Snow. To my surprise, most of the band members who came up to check in with me actually knew who I was dressed as; Bonus points! My love of Disney knows no bounds, and it somewhat stemmed from my latest obsession with that show Once Upon A Time.

Actually, I was also pretty excited when we got new wristbands because the last ones kind of sucked. It was like Christmas! I love when they don’t rip in half when I’m pulling them apart. And it’s fun for all of you underage kids because I know you hate the big black x’s. That Sharpie gets EVERYWHERE, especially post show when you wake up with it on your forehead the next morning. Anyways, I’m on a tangent.

I wanted to write this article largely about preserving your local music scene. Know how it’s done? Come out to a show. Simple. And don’t sneak in! That makes me so frustrated. There’s a side door at the venue I work at and when show-goers come into the lobby where I sit and they don’t have a wristband, I make sure I’m as mean as possible when I ask them why they didn’t come to me first. It’s my job to make sure everyone pays . It’s not me that’s losing money, it’s actually your boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/cousin/best friend’s band. That’s why I ask you who you’re there to see and make a tally next to their weird band name, because they actually get money for that after a certain number that’s set by the promoter or venue. Shocking, right?!

All cattiness aside, if you’re constantly hearing people complain about how your “scene” is going downhill, there is truly a very easy way to prevent that and it starts with you. Bands (most bands) put in a ton of hard work to write music, make shirts for you to wear, put on a good show, etc. The money for all of this doesn’t just materialize out of thin air. Some pretty good friends of mine have been funding this out of their own pockets for years because it’s what they love to do. Don’t get me wrong, they all agree that it’s not about the money, but if you asked any one of them I guarantee that they’d say getting paid is a luxury they wouldn’t pass up.

I know that ticket prices may sometimes seem like a lot of money but to put it in perspective for you, I see so many of the same people come through the door weekly for shows. AND sometimes, they’re not even the same genre. Those people will come out to shows for any band across the board. I have so much respect for that, it’s unreal. Those are the people who buy shirts, CDs, and help the DIY touring bands and my hat is off to them because that rules so hard. All of us are just trying to do what we love, and it’s not cheap. And I’d also like to point out that, to my knowledge, those people don’t make fun of others for listening to music that is “less cool” than theirs because they’re a fan of it all. Don’t be an elitist. Nobody likes an elitist. Let’s get back to the basics and be cool with everyone regardless of their music taste because you just look like a butt for bullying someone based on what their favorite band is. You never really know these days, that band could have saved their life. Like I said, you just look like a butt.

My point to all of this is that action is volumes greater than constant complaints and YOUR scene is a direct representation of YOU. I used to think there weren’t that many locals in Dallas because I only worked alongside a few of the same ones all the time, and since I’ve become more involved I have seen handfuls more than I ever could have guessed. My challenge for you is to go out to a few shows this month and in the coming months to seek out new music to listen to. That’s what it’s all about. You may be surprised to find that there are some pretty talented folks in your area. I know I was.

With love,
The Door Girl

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