Diary of a Door Girl: Spring is Upon Us

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Hi everyone, I’m back!

I hope you had fantastic holidays and a very happy new year.

The holidays are always a busy time for everyone. I had family coming to visit me and I was going to visit family on top of all my finals and my crazy work schedule. Things just tend to be hectic and that certainly followed into the New Year. With us (Highhorse) merging with another company called Ghostlight Concerts and with the last Parables’ show here in Dallas. It was easily one of the biggest and wildest shows I have worked yet. If you attended that, I’m pretty sure you attended a piece of history for us. And by the way, a big thanks to all of our friends that played that night.

Spring is such a great time for music! There are a ton of great tours that I’m looking forward to in the next couple months, both ones that I’m working and ones that I’m not. It just seems like the Earth is a better place in spring. Maybe that’s just me because I’m super tired of all of this freezing weather, but I can’t wait to bust out the sundresses. Then of course comes summer when all of us in Texas will be absolutely melting and ready for it to be cold again. If you’re from here you know that we have two seasons, and there’s really no in between. We still tough it out for the summer festivals though, because they’re usually too great to miss.

I’m a working gal and getting busier by the second. I find myself doing a lot of work on the computer at my other job here in Dallas at a local joint venue called The Door / The Prophet Bar. It gets really quiet at my desk during the day so of course I need some background jams for the long days. I’m also a full time student at a university here, so I’m basically constantly living in front of my computer and out of my planner. I’d probably go insane if it wasn’t for good music. With everyone going back to school for the Spring semester and working hard in and outside of their studies, I wanted to take some time to share with you some of my personal favorite albums or artists for homework/study/work time. I’m not one of those people who can listen to loud music while studying but I do like to have a little background sound: Caspian’s album “Waking Season” is currently in rotation on my Spotify. I dig the ambiance and very subtle progressions as it’s not too distracting from my homework… which is awesome. This Will Destroy You is another one of my instrumental favorites, and I have to say that “S/T” is probably my favorite record of theirs. It’s a little older, but it never actually gets old. As for some non-instrumental bands, I recently got into Colour Revolt’s first self-titled EP released in 2005. It’s very indie and relaxing. Perfect for bubble baths when you’re exhausted from all your Economics homework (me!). My final recommendation for you, that’s very unlike my previous mentions, is A Lot Like Birds’ “No Place” that came out last year. I just got a hold of their vinyl when I worked their show (thanks again, Ben!) and I’m so glad I did. The music is phenomenal and the album art is way cool.

So now that you know what I’ve been playing, I want to hear what YOU like to study to or work to or clean your apartment in your underwear to. Feel free to share albums or artists with me because I’m always looking for new things to listen to in my down time. I trust your judgment and I don’t think you’ll lead me astray. After all, you have great taste in reading, too, apparently. 😉

With all my love until next time,
The Door Girl

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