Diary of a Door Girl: From Door to Desk

Door Girl-1

Inevitably with the change in seasons come more changes. That’s right! I now have TWO desks. 

I’ve gone from “Tickets are $12” to “Ghostlight Concerts, can I ask who is calling?” and I think I may end up developing a split personality disorder when all is said and done. It’s a whole new territory for this door girl to now be a content creator for all of our social media (plus all of the social media for 6 bands!) and to come up with marketing plans for new singles to be released by bands we work with. This is all essentially right up my alley though, because those of you who know me personally know that I’ll be graduating with my bachelor’s in public relations this December (WOO HOO PARTY!). This paragraph has been a reader’s digest version of the many tasks that have been added to my roster. Most of them seem small, but I definitely keep busy. It’s sometimes difficult to explain to people who have never been involved in the music industry to really understand what all goes into booking shows. It’s a lot more than you would probably think.

I was at Target grocery shopping the other night and the cashier was making small talk with me and asked what it is that I do for work. Kevin (the CEO of our company) and the guys have a running joke about telling people that we are a janitorial business because it seems so much easier than having to answer the 20 questions that follow after you say, “I work for a concert promotion company”. It’s just a silly joke (mostly) but I still found myself wanting to tell the guy I was a janitor. I mean… I thought it would be funny.

Even though I’ve made some additions to my responsibility and the job title, not much else has changed. I’m still a pro at putting on wristbands with no overlap, I still won’t let you bring in outside drinks and I’m still binge watching Supernatural at home every chance I get. I’m obsessed.

– Kaigen

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