Circa Survive: Live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA


It’s a beautiful November night at LA Live in Los Angeles. Club Nokia is packed and full of people ready to scream their lungs out. The night starts off with opening bands Pianos Become The Teeth and Title Fight. Each band puts on a set full of a powerful performance. Title Fight gets the ground shaking as they start the set. Chants for Circa Survive fill the air. They’re ready.

Lights down, start the screams. Club Nokia in Los Angeles is filled with roars as Circa Survive takes the stage. Frontman Anthony Green takes the mic and tells the crowd, “COME.” They start to crowd surf towards the front as they perform “Semi Constructive Criticism” off of their album On Letting Go. Shaking the ground, sticking the mic in his mouth, he puts on a performance unlike anyone else. He’s very fun to watch.

The band continues with tracks such as “Sharp Practice,” “The Great Golden Baby,” and their newest one “Schema.” Lots of strobes and dark colors filled the stage as Anthony fed the crowd his energy. The crowd supported each other, helping to pass everyone to the front. The vibe amongst the crowd was positive and powerful. Screaming the lyrics to songs such as “In Fear and Faith” and “Brother Song.” Sweat poured in the pit and smiles lifted off faces. Anthony Green gave a performance that everyone will remember. That will be a show to remember.

Review and Photos by Mike Danenberg

Circa Survive

Title Fight and Pianos Become The Teeth

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