Interview: The Unlikely Candidates

Even though the elections are over, The Unlikely Candidates are still here to win your vote. Freshly signed to Atlantic Records earlier this month, they are preparing to leave on a multi-city tour and before..

SXSW Interview: The Body Rampant

Are you a fan of GWAR? Haha, Just kidding. But, you may be confused when you go over to The Body Rampant’s facebook page to see a picture of five guys with crazy, extraterrestrial looking..

SXSW Interview: Alabaster

Making their first appearance at Austin, Texas’ famous SXSW festival, Alabaster’s sound brought in crowds of people off the streets into the venues they played, thirsting a touch of rock to add to their music-filled..

Interview with Imagine Dragons

Alternative pop band, Imagine Dragons, have come a long way since being a Vegas cover band almost four years ago. They went from playing covers for drunken tourists at the Bellagio to being a MTV..