Album Reviews


Tesseract: “Altered State” Review

I’ve never been particularly enthralled with the Djent label, as it lacks the rawness of Thwack and the emotional highs of Thwip – but regardless of my naming convention preferences, I can’t deny that Djent..

Black Sabbath: “13” Review

Nothing in Metal ever unfolds in a linear fashion, and Black Sabbath’s storied return to the music world is no exception. After decades of convoluted speculation, near-misses, and maybes, the prodigal fathers of Metal have..

Eisley: “Currents” Album Review

The Texas based band Eisley moves themselves forward into 2013 with a fourth full-length album entitled Currents. Perfectly named, the album opens with an ominous sounding, atmospheric feel, almost as if you’re hearing the first notes..

Tauk “Homunculus” Album Review

Looking for a band that produces refreshingly modern music? TAUK has got you covered. Hailing from New York, NY, this talented quartet is on the rise after their April 30 release ofHomunculus. There is a reason..