Band of the Week: For The Year from Boston, MA


For The Year is a very passionate, hardworking pop punk band in the local Boston music scene. Their energy and enthusiasm while on stage is what sets this band apart from the rest. I got the chance to catch up with the band and learn more about their music. Keep reading to learn more about this awesome upcoming band!


Responses from Steve, Vocals // Guitar of For The Year


Tell me about how your band was formed?

“We became a band about a year and a half ago. I wanted to start a pop rock band after I had played in a local hardcore band for about 2 years, so I posted something on the Facebook and recruited Luke on guitar. Luke knew Jake and recruited him on vocals and after a couple of drummers we found Ben, and that is what makes up For The Year!”


What is the story behind your band name?

“There really isn’t a story haha. Luke and I were just trying to think of something that didn’t sound wicked cheesy, as any band does I would assume haha. I loved the band “Saves The Day” and thought the name sounded awesome, so after a few corny name ideas like “finding daylight”, we finally thought of For The Year… And yes we plan on sticking around for the year. Maybe even next year and the year after that and that ;)”


 How old were you when you first got for into music?

“My earliest memories of music were when my mom would always sing to me when I was younger to help me sleep or just to soothe me. I’ll always remember that. My parents bought me this drum machine which was probably annoying because I never stopped using it haha. The first band I can remember listening to is probably Crosby stills and Nash when I was 6. It all started with classic rock and yes I went through my N’sync and Aaron carter phase just like every other guy… Everyone’s been through that phase right… right?”


What are some artists or people that influenced you to start playing music?

“My dad was a huge inspiration. He played in a band when he was my age but ended up going to school and getting a job, but always kept music very close to him his whole life. He took me to see Aerosmith and Kiss when I was 10 and eventually Def Leppard, Van Halen, Heart etc. If it weren’t for him, music probably wouldn’t mean as much to me as it does now. I grew up listening to all the classics. He threw me on a drum kit when I was 7 and told me to learn how to play, then got me a guitar when I was 9 and here I am!”


If you could play a show with any band who would you pick?

“I mean for our genre, I’d have to go with All Time Low. I know I know. That’s probably expected but hey… They’re fuckin awesome. But in general I’d love to share the stage with Third Eye Blind or Smashing Pumpkins.”


How would you describe your music to someone who has never listen to you guys?

“Just imagine watching a hardcore porno, add some guitars, drums, bass, vocals and there you have it. For The Year. We like to make music that everyone likes so it’s like picking your favorite category on the hub. Who knows what you like!”


What is it like for you guys being an unsigned band?

“It’s exciting to see the progress we make and working hard towards our goals. We love working hard and seeing what comes out of that hard work. It’s always a great feeling achieving things, kind of like getting an A in math or finally getting that hot ass girl you’ve always wanted to spank. We’ve had a couple labels approach us so the hard work must be working!”


What are some of your favorite bands at the moment?

“Haha I have a habit of always listening to old stuff that I listened to in middle school or early high school. But I’ll listen to anything 90’s or 80’s. Jimmy Eat World and everything they do is awesome.”


Anything you wanna say to fans reading this?

“You’re all amazing and we will be coming to all of you very soon. Watch out for your dates cause we’re leaving New England soon!”


Interviewed by Rose Brady

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