A Perfect Circle Live at Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie


A Perfect Circle and Prayers – SOLD OUT in Grand Prairie, TX

The seldom touring A Perfect Circle arrived in Grand Prairie on April 23rd, 2017 for a night of crazy and dazzling performance alongside electronic rock duo Prayers.

Prayers, a self defined “cholo goth” electronic rock duo, opened the night to mixed reactions. After a short amount of time, I felt the music gradually growing on me; an odd mixture of a handful of polarizing influences ranging from what I felt was Modest Mouse to Rob Zombie. There was something in the music so off putting it became alluring, where the music clashes sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Dancing among purple and blue spotlights, the eccentric, leather clad duo performed a decent length set to an already packed house, and while a few seemed to tire of the music, others were exposed to something new they may have never listened to in any other circumstance.

1. Power Trip
2. Ready To Bleed
3. Gothic Summer
4. Pentagram Medallion
5. From Dog To God
6. Only Death Can Set Me Free
7. Young Gods
8. Black Leather


A Perfect Circle

No sooner than taking the stage, A Perfect Circle brought the entire crowd to their feet to sing every single word from the moment a note rang throughout Verizon Theatre. Maynard Keenan, vocalist of both APC and legendary TOOL, stood tall as a silhouette behind a curtain as the venue filled with mists behind a draping, mildly opaque curtain. Jeff Friedl (drummer and member of Puscifer) sported a Pantera shirt on his own platform stage left. Billy Howerdel (guitars) and bassist took to the front of stage where they were able to interact a little more intimately with the crowd in the pit. James Iha (guitars and keys) took the stage right platform. About halfway through their first song, The Package, the curtain dropped from left to right as stage hands frantically ran around getting it off stage asap. Bright spotlights back lit every member creating dramatic silhouettes. The show continued to grow bigger and bolder displaying an impressive and dazzling light show, with LED lights flashing all across the stage.

Early on in the set, Maynard took a moment between songs to address the controversy some of their music has stirred in the past. Continuing on, he made a point to emphasize the whole point of being a musician and an artist was to express yourself, not try to make everyone happy. Art is created from freedom of expression, something Maynard is known quite well for. The entire venue roared out in cheers as they broke into their next songs. Billy even took to main vocals and co vocals on a handful of songs in the remaining set. For the entirety of the last half of the show, the colors continued to awe the fans while they sang to every song, simulating feelings of oceans, fire, and at one point all of the LED displays became shining, moving stars.

1. The Package
2. The Hollow
3. The Noose
4. Weak and Powerless
5. Rose
6. Imagine – (John Lennon cover)
7. By and Down
8. Thomas
9. (What’s So Funny ’bout) Peace, Love and Understanding – (Brinsley Schwarz cover)
10. Magdalena
11. Vanishing
12. Thinking of You
13. Hourglass
14. Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums
15. A Stranger
16. Blue
17. The Outsider
18. Gravity
19. Feathers

A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle

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