4ARM Live at South Side Ballroom

4arm @ Southside Ballroom Dallas By Darkhouse Image (2)

About a year ago a friend of mine from a faraway land mentioned this Australian thrash metal band by the name of 4ARM to me as one of those “Bands to Watch”. Alright, mate, point taken. Three purchases on iTunes later, and I can absolutely say that he was 100% right! You cannot talk about today’s newer thrash bands like Havok, Warbringer, Destruction, and Hatchet without including 4Arm in that conversation. Through three albums (13 Scars, The Empires of Death, and Submission For Liberty) they have continually delivered a Molotov cocktail of insane riffs, thunderous drums, and venomous vocals, and those are just the STUDIO versions! So believe me I was fired up to hear this stuff live.

After an interview with Mick (Vafiotis, drums), and dinner with my good buddy Jordan from Darkhouse Image, it was time to begin. With Mick leading the way, the band immediately made its presence known with a wall of sound that quite frankly shocked me. I couldn’t believe the first band on the bill could sound this good. Sonic highlights included “Raise a Fist”, “The Oppressed” (two personal favorites) and brand new song “Dying Time” which needs to be recorded and released like, yesterday!!

4arm @ Southside Ballroom Dallas By Darkhouse Image-2

Singer/guitarist Danny Tomb was a study in contrast, as when he engaged the crowd between songs he was very laid-back, but when singing, the amount of anger in his voice was frightening. A perfect example of this occurred during “I Will Not Bow”. When he roared, “I WILL NOT BOOOOOW!!! NOT NOOOOOW!!” I damn near felt it in my toes. The pit was on and poppin’ from start to finish as well. It was so great to see such a big turnout for these guys. Not only that, but to see everyone so into them was even better.

One thing is certain: 4ARM are the real deal, and they need to hop on another tour after this and come back to Dallas and see us again. On a night where they were first at bat, they more than proved themselves worthy of headlining status, and gave both Gojira AND Slayer a run for their money.

Want to check out the rest of night with Slayer and Gojira? Check it out. 

Words by Damian Cousins | Photography by Jordan Sandifer

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