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Chantelle Préjean

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Where did you hone your skills?  I studied at the University of North Texas and left with a BBA in marketing and a minor in photography.  I took my first photography (film) class in high school (2005) - It all started when I joined a metal band in HS (circa 2007) and played guitar with those guys for 2 years. This is where my love for concerts truly started, on and off stage.  After I left the band, I couldn't keep myself from bringing my love for photography into shows with me.  This is when I began spending my time photographing not so great venues in Houston and worked my way up from there.  I was freelance in concerts until I joined Static in 2012.  I would say my experience has been 80/20 - Concerts/School.

Favorite artist you've covered:  Even though I'm a total metal head, my favorite artist that I've been given the chance to cover is Rise Against during Riot Fest Dallas 2013.

Favorite venue you've visited:  I had my doubts, but the Gas Monkey venues are my favorite, more specifically the newest addition, Gas Monkey Live.

Sam Thompson

Lead Reporter | Co-Editer

Los Angeles, California

Where did you hone your skills?  I've done most of my training myself.  I studied liberal arts at Tarrant County College, and in that time I studied English Compositional and Creative Writing.   I've spent over a decade as part of the DFW metal, prog, and hardcore scenes, so my connection with live music has always been there.   I have learned on the fly, and adapted as I’ve gone.  I hope to never fully stop evolving.

Favorite artist you've covered:  Meshuggah was a surreal show.  They played with my second choice, Between the Buried and Me, so obviously the show was amazing.

Favorite venue you've visited:  Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO is one of the top small venues in the nation.

Larry Wentworth


Boston, Massachusetts

Lainey Taylor


Seattle, Washington

Clark Terrell


Austin, Texas

About: I'm a self-taught concert and commercial photographer.  I've taken photography seriously since 2010 and began shooting local shows. I have since expanded to bigger concerts and festivals.  I have expanded into portraiture and commercial photography in 2012 to continue to challenge myself. 

Anna Adelman


London, England

Nick Smith


Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Musician and animal lover.

Where did you hone your skills? I grew up with a massive appreciation for good storytelling and wordplay, and I did really well in school / college with my written work (when I was passionate about it). I also fell in love with extreme forms of music, at a very early age - a great source of exactly that. Merging two of my most intense passions has been nothing but a joy and a wonderful learning experience!

Favorite artist you've covered: Carach Angren. Their live performance is indescribable, like a living horror movie mixed with extreme and theatrical black metal.

Favorite venue you've visited: Gas Monkey Live. Absolutely love the sound, the atmosphere, the size, and the aesthetic.

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