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Chantelle Préjean

Co-Founder | Lead Photographer

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Favorite artist you've covered:  Even though I'm a total metal head, my favorite artist that I've been given the chance to cover is Rise Against during Riot Fest Dallas 2013. Favorite venue you've visited:  I had my doubts, but the Gas Monkey venues are my favorite, more specifically the newest addition, Gas Monkey Live.

Nick Smith

Social Media | Lead Writer

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Musician. Favorite artist you've covered: The Black Dahlia Murder - their live performance is flawless and the most fun you'll have at a venue. Favorite venue you've visited: Gas Monkey Live. Terrific sound and always a good time.

Natalie Campbell


Austin, Texas

Rusty Holloway


Dallas, Texas

Clark Terrell

Photographer | Writer

Austin, Texas About: I'm a self-taught concert and commercial photographer.  I've taken photography seriously since 2010 and began shooting local shows. I have since expanded to bigger concerts and festivals.  I have expanded into portraiture and commercial photography in 2012 to continue to challenge myself. 

Larry Wentworth


Boston, Massachusetts

Sam Thompson


Los Angeles, California Favorite artist you've covered:  Meshuggah was a surreal show.  They played with my second choice, Between the Buried and Me, so obviously the show was amazing. Favorite venue you've visited:  Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO is one of the top small venues in the nation.

Mallory Lee

Contributing Writer

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Sci-fi and Fantasy enthusiast and Star Wars Fanatic. Favorite artist: La Dispute. I feel like their lyrics are second to none, and that the way they present them as the focal point is unique in the best way. Favorite venue you've visited: My favorite venue is a tie between Trees in Dallas and Twilight Lounge in Fort Worth. Both have an awesome atmosphere and some really cool artists.

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