Taking Back Sunday: Happiness Is Review


It’s been a minute since I’ve listened to Taking Back Sunday so I was eager to jump on the opportunity to review their 6th studio album “Happiness Is” and let me tell you this album is AWESOME!

After dumping their major record label and getting back their original line up, they have joined the Hopeless Record Family. Which in my opinon was a smart move on their part, because this label is passionate about their bands! After listening to this album I was happy because this feels like have returned to their roots of Taking Back Sunday, they have clearly shown that they have settled into a very mature sound that is full of endless possibilities for future albums.

The opening song, which is just stringed instruments, is nothing to get excited about but then the album kicks off with the album’s first single “Flicker Fade” and let me tell you this song will grow on you. With subtle hints of the first album with that alternative sound that Taking Back Sunday has mastered so well. “Flicker Fade” sets the vibe for how the rest of the nine tracks are. The track “All The Way” really shows off the evolution that TBS has gone through over the years. This song is hands down gorgeous, in a classical TBS kind of way. This is an emotion right hook that’s just waiting to hit you with that pure rock vibe that will catch listeners off guard. The latter half of the album brings a more serious tone with songs like “Nothing At All” and “Better Homes and Gardens” these have a more angsty emotional feel to them.

Now you are asking yourself “Should I pick up this album??” YES!! Yes you should. This is the Taking Back album that we have all been waiting for. You need this album in your life, and have the possibility to be your favorite album of 2014. All in all this is by far Taking Back Sunday’s most mature album to date. I must warn you this album is infectious and you find yourself putting it on repeat…….a lot. Don’t worry from start to finish Taking Back Sunday will break your heart a million times over in their classic TBS style. I cannot recommend this album enough it is truly a fun listening experience for your ears that you do not want to miss out on.


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