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The Warped Perspective: Vol. 4

So for over a week now I’ve bet you’ve had one question on your mind. I left you with one of the greatest teasers ever, and I’m certain you’re dying to get the explanation here...

The Warped Perspective: Vol. 3

Twelve days in a row doesn’t seem like much on paper, but once you’re in the thick of things it seems almost unceasing. The last time I wrote you, dear reader, I was in Nashville,..

The Warped Perspective: Vol. 2

I think when buses start catching fire that it’s safe to say we’ve officially gotten into the thick of things. That’s basically how this past week began. I woke up on the way to Mesa,..

Blacklist Royals: Tour Diary 2

Day Eight:  After some failed attempts at sightseeing on our way to Munich we played our last club show before the first batch of festivals and overnight drives began.  Frequency Festival was basically a total..

Blacklist Royals: Tour Diary 1

Day One: After spending the early part of our day running through airports to make all of our connections we finally regrouped with the rest of the band in DC and boarded our flight for..

Highly Suspect: Tour Diary 6

So I guess I have a lot of ground to cover. Haven’t spilled my guts since we left Los Angeles. Since then I’ve partied in Vegas, showered in desert rains, fallen in love (again) at..

Highly Suspect: Tour Diary 5

I think I’m losing my mind. No. I know I’m losing it. I’m pretty sure I’ve done too much damage to my brain over the years to be a stable human and I’m ok with..

Highly Suspect: Tour Diary 4

Upon arrival in Missoula I realized two things. 1) Montana is the most gorgeous place in the entire Universe. 2) There is no shelter from spiders anywhere west of NYC. Oh Missoula, Missoula, Missoula. I..