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Warforged – I:Voice Album Review

Due out May 10th, 2019 under The Artisan Era label, WARFORGED debut LP “I:Voice” stakes their claim as a band you absolutely cannot miss if you are a fan of ANY style of metal. Man…..

Fallujah: Dreamless Album Review

Fallujah, a relatively young 5 piece band hailing from the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, has already made waves in the metal scene for pioneering the subgenre of progressive / atmospheric death metal tunes...

Rooms Of The House: La Dispute

In 1992 English artist Damien Hirst premiered one of his most well known pieces of work, a tiger shark preserved in formaldehyde and enclosed in a glass structure. He titled it The Physical Impossibility Of Death..

Stop Dead Review

Have you ever heard one of those songs that makes you want to dance, watch western movies, and research stuff about outer space all at once? No? Well Stop Dead’s new EP, Dirt & Dust..

Periphery: Clear

So, a very good friend of mine asked me to take a look at this new experimental EP Clear from PERIPHERY. I think she did so because I don’t really consider myself a fan. Calm down, I don’t..

Warbringer, IV: EMPIRES COLLAPSE Album Review

Warbringer are back with new offering IV: Empires Collapse, out now via Century Media Records, two long years after 2011’s brilliant Worlds Torn Asunder. I know they pretty much put out a record every two years, but..