SXSW Interview: Winslow


Rookies to the SXSW scene, Winslow is a band that was ready to experience the best aspects of the festival.  Taking on the most interesting elements of genres such as soul, pop, rock and even funk, Winslow brought a musical aspect to the festival that proved unique in comparison to the rock sound that flooded the streets.  Walking down the street near a venue the band was performing at, one was lured in through the unfamiliar but interesting variety of tunes.

“There was a lot of head bobbing and a lot of dancing so it was like the people who walked in genuinely liked what they heard,” said the band.

Hailing from Akron, Ohio, a painful twenty-three hour drive to Austin, Winslow was excited to perform in front of a fresh batch of music lovers hoping to create a new fan base of their own.

“I think for our sound, the kind of cohesive band, I think what we go for is like what Bruno Mars is doing with his whole band thing right now.  We’re kind of following in that direction a little bit so it’s like the pop thing that’s got a lot of groove in the back of it, but at the same time it’s very accessible for people to listen to”.

Winslow has officially released their latest album Left of the Right Direction today, which is available to stream here on MSN.  In a more developed sound than their previous release five years ago, Winslow has taken on a wide variety of influences that are experienced throughout each track.  The band themselves proudly stated, “we have a lot of influences.  It really just depends on the guy you ask.  We all have something different that we bring to the table”.

With plans of an extensive festival heavy touring schedule in the works for this summer, the possibility of experience their live performance is very likely.  In an almost matching wardrobe that one can’t skip over, Winslow is ready to rock the stage in a smooth manner to really show a crowd what their music is all about.

 “When you have so many people in the band you have to coordinate something or else it just doesn’t work out.  You can get a whole lot of mess.  We want people to think it’s a band when we’re off the stage too” they say about their matching attire.


Words and Photo by: Morgan Young

Quotes by: Maurice, Matt, Curtis, Charlie, Danny and Jesse of Winslow

Interview conducted at Big Picture Media’s press day//SXSW 2013

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