SXSW Interview: Vinyl Thief


Vinyl Thief is an eletro-rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. They have been featured as one of Paste Magazine’s “Bands You Should Listen to Now” and have recently seen a lot of success in their newest EP, Stop Motion.

What is something random you’ve seen while driving on tour?

One time we were at Ohio State and we were driving down Greek Row, there was a couch just burning in the front yard of a house. We didn’t know what to think!


Y’all are playing three showcases here at SXSW and today is your first. Are you excited, nervous, or whatever towards it? Which showcase do you look forward to most?

We are super excited to play today! I don’t think we can single one out as being most excited for, therefore our answer would have to be all three! They will all be different and bring their own uniqueness.


You have an album titled Fathoms that will be coming out soon, is there a set release date for it?

We are aiming for later spring or early summer. We actually released an EP in February with a few songs that will be on that full-length album. Aside from that EP we have six or seven other songs that people haven’t heard yet. I think what we are looking forward to most is finally putting out a bigger body of work.  Our fans have really enjoyed our EP so far so it makes us excited for the new release.


How long have y’all been together as a group?

Forever! We have been  playing since high school and graduated together.  We all kind of didn’t know how to start this whole band thing but made it happen.


You recently released a music video for your track “Smooth,” was that your first music video to make?

It came out a few weeks ago and on NYLON. We had a blast getting to be actors for a few days while filming. It was very cold outside! For some reason we only film when it’s cold, I don’t know why! Any time we have done videos in April or the summer it would be freezing. Fun fact about us is that it has to be cold in order for us to film anything!


Do y’all have any major tours coming up or planned?
We are touring pretty much the whole year, locking stuff down! Promoting the album once it comes out for sure. We are just writing as much as possible because our first album took us a while to write. It’s handy to have songs ready.


Do you have a certain process while writing?

For us it’s kind of just us in a room together working and messing around. Sometimes someone brings in a melody of some kind and we try to work with that.  It all kind of comes from jamming and having fun, you just have to play around for a while before securing it.  There’s not really a science for it we are slowly figuring it out.


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