SXSW Interview: Trash Pop Icons


Hailing all the way from San Francisco, Trash Pop Icons never thought it would be possible to play SXSW Music Festival. People say dreams don’t always come true but luckily for these talented sisters and drummer Bobby, they got lucky this year! I had the opportunity to capture the experience of the new world they were in and have a word with the band about their upcoming music!


This is your first time attending SXSW, how did you guys get the opportunity to showcase?

Our manager, Barb, was basically trying to figure out who of her bands was going to go and we have never played before, so yeah we want to go to Austin and do it right. She said we could work with the company Big Picture Media, and we did just that! For us, being here for this seemed a million miles away. We thought it would be impossible, hearing and knowing about it for years! It’s in Texas, how would we even get there ya know?


How is the experience so far?

We’ve gotten a couple days of us running on about three hours of sleep, basically living the life! We played this morning at 1AM last minute as a fill in for a band who didn’t show up. It was a small crowd but they were super receptive and stoked to be there! They loved us and we are so excited to play again on Thursday!


Have you learned anything while being here the past two days?

Naomi: Actually, I told Nadia we had to wake up at 6AM this morning to put on our makeup and faces! I’m learning this whole stage makeup thing; it’s really difficult and takes me like an hour! I have everything on my face right now! I needed to learn how to put on makeup that will last me through the long and sweaty days of SX. Bobby has learned the reality of girls getting dressed in the morning. It’s a long process for us unlike him, we have to be complicated about it and change multiple times before walking out the door, haha.


Your album A Way With Words was released last year, was it everything you had hoped for? What were the reactions from the audience afterwards?

We actually got a lot of good feedback from it. As a band we didn’t think it was the best we could have done only because of the fact we were working with a producer who didn’t fully understand what we were going for. We put our heart and soul into it at that point once Bobby joined the band. Before him we didn’t have full creative control so it was basically my sister and I recording our songs on my iPhone and sending them over to the label, and them sending it to people around the US to prepare it before it comes back to us to lay down the vocals.


Do you have a new album in the making?

Yes! The album we just finished we are most excited for. We have full creative control of our stuff and it is what would define us as musicians. When people think of Trash Pop Icons, we want them to contribute a certain sound to us. This album is definitely what we were trying to do and we are so glad Bobby was a part of it! He is the only drummer who understands that less is more and gets the direction we want to be in.  Our album is going to be out by summer time!

How did Bobby become a part of Trash Pop Icons?

We all work for Whole Foods and I (Bobby) was seeking out for someone to drum for when I found them. I was checking Naomi’s lunch out at the register one day and a buddy Ray asked her how the band was coming and she told him if he knew any drummers to let her know. I then told her I was a drummer. It was the whole “Yeah, I play drums.” “Yeah, I’m in a band it’s cool” we played it off like it was super casual because it could have been the whole you won’t like us, we don’t like you type thing. I’ve been a part of TPI for about 7 months, their previous music was super quick and easy for me to pick up then I contributed to the new album.


Tell me about the process on the new album.

We went into it looking at an open canvas, the songs are very natural and intuitive. We recorded half the songs with having a good idea and then the other half we had not played the songs at all, ever together. The producer was procreative with some of the tunes. The stuff just kind of came out and came together naturally, there was a lot more creativity when we did that.


You are scheduled for 4 showcases, is there a specific one you look forward to playing?

Due to us filling in last minute last night it would total 5 shows! I think the one we most look forward to is the L8 Showcase on Friday since it is an outdoor stage. We have been itching to play on an outdoor stage! But all together, we are just happy to be here and get the opportunity to play for all of the people here. Our set list consists of majority of new songs and depending on how long the set time is we will throw in a few oldies!


Big Picture Media Press Day 2014

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