SXSW Interview: The Body Rampant

Are you a fan of GWAR?

Haha, Just kidding. But, you may be confused when you go over to The Body Rampant’s facebook page to see a picture of five guys with crazy, extraterrestrial looking masks on.


They are actually an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California and these guys are definitely going for something different. They recently told Alternative Press Magazine that they are “determined to make a name for themselves by their heavy pop music, not their looks.” This century, it’s getting more and more difficult for up and coming bands to make it in the music industry because their are so many talented musicians out there, so a band definitely has to do something to stand out.

“We have the masks. We do the mask thing for promotion. We don’t actually wear the masks when we play because it’s so hard to play and it’s SO hot. A guy named Dewayne, he’s an artist from up north, he does a bunch of artsy fartsy type things and he had these masks. We thought it would be a cool concept for the band to have, so all five of us have our own mask and our own little character. Like the Ninja Turtles. They all have little personalities. We don’t have to take cheesy band pictures, haha.”


This was The Body Rampant’s third time at SXSW and they had some pretty successful gigs. By the time we talked with them, they had played four shows, one of them at a place called The Bayou. Keep in mind, shows at SXSW can be hit or miss, most bands have success just by people hearing them on the street and coming in to see the rest of the set.

“We played really good last night. We played after The Dangerous Summer and they KILLED it. It was so packed for their show and for ours, not so much. It’s okay though, because the people that did stay to watch us were super stoked on it, you know? That’s what matters.”

The band currently has a music video out and you may have seen it while running the treadmill. You literally may have sweat to their music video. Their song ‘Seabrinx’ is currently streaming in LA Fitnesses across the country. “My buddy works at LA fitness in Florida and he hit me up and was like ‘DUDE YOU’RE ON THE TV BRO’.” They have actually gotten a lot of twitter action and attention from this gig. Anything to gain exposure, right? Haha.

They just got done touring and recording a full length album in Baltimore, MD. After two solid months of recording at Salad Days Studios with Brian McTernan, they have produced an “awesome” record that they are excited to release.

“It was awesome, good experience, great atmosphere, and the record is awesome. It should be coming out this summer and we’re definitely planning a tour to promote that.”

“We got a bunch of big ass tours in the works, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

To check out The Body Rampant’s music or find out about future tours:

Words and main photo by Rachel Martin

Quotes by JM, Jacob, Travis, Joey, and Greg of The Body Rampant

Interview conducted at Big Picture Media press day//SXSW 2013

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