SXSW Interview: David and Olivia


“Feeling the passion for the music here at SXSW really just warms my heart. Being out of the LA area, out of California, it’s kind of nice just to re-charge.” -Olivia

David and Olivia are an Americana duet from Los Angeles, California and have been blessing ears all over the country with their musical talents for a little over two years now. After David unexpectedly stumbled over Olivia rocking a Janis Joplin cover at a local open mic and knew instantly that she was the female part he had been looking to acquire for a song he had been working on.

“I was at a little club in LA called The Pig and Whistle, and they have this little back room with dark wood everywhere. I’m there and she was singing, and I actually have this song on this EP we are about to release called “Key To My Heart” and it’s a full duet. I was singing both parts and I was thinking “this isn’t working, I need a female voice”. She was singing Joplin’s ‘Mercedes Benz’, and I immediately knew that was the voice I needed. I knew our voices were perfect together. I got in touch, and the next think I knew, we were in the studio recording a demo for that. It just really worked.” -David

“It was really weird because we didn’t meet that night. The people that listened to me, stayed and listen to him. People were literally coming up to me that night and saying ‘that guy’s voice is really good, you guys should do something together’ and I was like ‘yeah whatever…’. He then got in contact with my manager and we literally didn’t officially meet each other until we were in the studio recording the demo” -Olivia


Their music style is very much like the works of The Civil Wars. At SXSW you definitely get a huge variety of music to fulfill anyone’s music tastes, but if you were able to catch a showcase with David and Olivia, I’m sure it was definitely a breath of fresh air for your crazy week in Austin. Listening to their song “Finally Fine” that will be on their upcoming EP, I definitely believe this duet was the perfect fit for the Texas music festival.

“I have been here (SXSW) once before with a band I was in before. We have our debut record coming out in May and it’s being pushed by Big Picture Media, and they decided it would be a good place to be. There are so many people, and everyone in the industry is here, so we figured Austin during SXSW is the place to be to get some exposure.” -David

While Olivia admitted that David writes most of the music, she says he’s a genius and knows exactly what to write for her to feel comfortable singing.

“We’ve gotten to know each other really well, so he really knows how to shape and mold the songs for me to sing as well. There is this one song he showed me, it’s sort of a gospel song. He literally showed me the first to lines and I said, ‘That’s my song! I have to sing that song. This is where I’ve been these past two years with you, and even in my personal life.'” -Olivia

Be sure to look out for David and Olivia’s EP that will be released this coming May. They plan on touring to promote the EP this June, and you can find all the information at their website!

Words and photos by Rachel Martin

Interview conducted at Big Picture Media press day/SXSW 2013

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