SXSW Interview: Alabaster

Making their first appearance at Austin, Texas’ famous SXSW festival, Alabaster’s sound brought in crowds of people off the streets into the venues they played, thirsting a touch of rock to add to their music-filled day.  “We didn’t really know what to expect.  Really the only thing we had to compare it to was Warped Tour, and it’s nothing like Warped Tour” says the band.  After a history of performing shows on two of Warped Tours most recent years, Alabaster recognizes that SXSW brings music and people together on a whole new level.

IMG_6513“It’s phenomenal.  If one band doesn’t fit the style you want to listen to, you can just walk two feet and there’s another one playing.  There’s always something going on”. This being one of the most rewarding and key aspects of the festival, Alabaster was pleased to see both new and familiar faces throughout the week.

Alabaster shared a special experience that happened earlier in the week, in which there were people “coming into the Big Picture Media showcase being like ‘we heard the voice and didn’t know where it was coming from…those vocals are beautiful!’  They said they were running in through every door and then finally found us.  Then they came to our show later tonight”.  That’s what SXSW week is all about.

Their sound is a blend of alternative pop and pop punk, however each individual band member takes personal inspiration from artists between Green Day and Celine Dion—a wide variety that is all incorporated to make up their own unique sound.  “The five of us write music together, but we don’t listen to music together…our influences come from everywhere and it’s a lot of fun writing music together and listening to the hodgepodge of sound that we create”.

Didn’t make it out to one of their showcases at SXSW?  Alabaster has high hopes of heading out on the road soon.  The band shared “we’re hoping come this summer we’re just going to tour.  We’re all just ready to pick up and go, so that’s the plan” so make sure to keep an eye out for new tour dates in the near future.   Alabaster will also be releasing their newest three-song EP titled The Villain In Me… in April, with the first single titled Scream It Out releasing March 31st.


Words and photo by: Morgan Young

Quotes by: Kate, Joe, Shaina, Dwayne and Marlon of Alabaster

Interview conducted at Big Picture Media’s press day//SXSW 2013

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