Stop Dead Review


Have you ever heard one of those songs that makes you want to dance, watch western movies, and research stuff about outer space all at once? No? Well Stop Dead’s new EP, Dirt & Dust will introduce you to that feeling. Although a short track list, it is definitely worth a listen. Or two. Or six.

51mQ2TIG+DL._SL500_AA280_Stop Dead is a side project of Ryan Gose from This Century. Although it has a slightly similar sound to This Century, Stop Dead has is much more experimental. Supernova starts off with a sort of modern, alternative rock tone and slowly transforms into a much more upbeat tune with a clear message in the lyrics. Very different from the first track off of Dirt & Dust, We Own The Night, with it’s crazy confusing guitar riffs and more puzzling lyrics. But with very creative adjectives and sayings.

Light My Fire has a more vintage feel to it, but not completely. The effects on the guitar and vocals make you want to dance like they do in those 80’s movies(i.e. Breakfast Club). Though the lyrics of this tune are a bit more 21st century. They’re gritty, dirty, and catchy. With a chorus of “light my fire, get it on, at least you’re good for something” it’s hard not to notice. Despite the nitty-gritty,it’s still an addicting song.

Speaking of addiction, that pretty much sums up the entire EP. It’s so new and fresh, it’s hard to stop listening to. The songs will get stuck in your head and you’ll love every second of it. I would highly recommend this project to anyone who likes MGMT, Vampire Weekend, or even Janelle Monae. They’re a very catchy bunch of people. Stop Dead is sure to make a huge break soon.



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