Soilwork Live at Gas Monkey


This review is special to me.  It signifies so many changes and happenings in my own life, as well as illuminates the high points of my time in the grand DFW Metroplex.  The show myself and Chantelle covered was your prototypical metal show- heavy, methodical, and blazing fast.  But it will stand as the last review I get to write for the great metropolitan area that has helped me grow and develop into who I am today.  You see, less than three days after this concert ended, I packed my car and drove to California, where I now call Los Angeles my home.  Naturally, this explains the extreme gap in time between the date of the show and the review itself- which I hope, dear reader, you pardon me of on this occasion.  Back to the night in question- I took my usual seat at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, and ordered one final meal from one of my favorite venues.  The opening bands were doing their duty, and the crowd was warming up and filling in for the headliners to come.  I was locked and loaded.


However, much to my dismay, the main band I had come out to see had abruptly dropped off the tour less than a week before.  Decapitated is one of the seminal metal bands of the last 15 years.  They’ve influenced countless acts, and written some of the best albums I’ve had the privilege of molesting my ears with.  They were, in all truth, the only reason I had desired to review this show in the first place.  Yet while their sudden exit from the tour left me saddened and somewhat uninterested, I felt an obligation to see the show through, and write regardless of my disappointments.  Soilwork most definitely helped me get over myself.  Their passionate face shredding and fun loving front man milked the crowd into peak form, and I stood in amazement while the perfect weather complimented the skilled and enthusiastic music pouring down from onstage.


After an impromptu “safety meeting” with an overly excited concert goer, I found my way back to my table for a final round.  Crowbar was trudging through their songs, and Soulfly was staging their equipment off stage.  A sense of ease and comfort began to settle over me, and I sat back, took a large gulp of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and breathed a sigh of relief.  Much like this concert, my time in Dallas/Ft. Worth was up.  I was ready to head into the night, and strike out for a new land rife with opportunity.  I love that I can always call DFW home, and I’m proud of the things I accomplished whilst there.  Nothing will ever be the same, but it’s time for a new challenge.  Like every tour that’s come before or since, I’m on to the next one.

[      P H O T O    G A L L E R Y     ]

Photographs taken at on September 12th , 2015 at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill – Dallas, Texas

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