Sirens and Sailors Interview at So What?! Music Festival


So What?! Music Fest 2016
Interview with Sirens and Sailors
Interview by Mariah Spraldin

How many years have you played So What Music Fest?

This year was our second time playing SoWhat?! Music Festival, and we couldn’t be any more excited to be a part of it.

What has been your favorite So What?! Music Fest moment so far?

Playing this years festival in itself is definitely the highlight of our SoWhat?! experiences thus far. Last year we played the side stage, but this year we were moved up to one of the main stages, and it was so exciting to be given that opportunity to play for even more people than we did our first year at SoWhat?!

Who were all of you most excited to see at the So What this year?

It would have been really great to be able to stay for Day 2 of the festival, because so many of our friends were playing, however, our tour had a show in Oklahoma during that time. Even so, we were stoked to be able to watch a lot of bands on Day 1 as well. It was great to watch the sets of our touring friends in Blessthefall, Miss May I, and The Plot In You in this setting. Not often you get to watch your friends kill it at a massive outdoor festival!

The So What?! Music Fest date landed on the tail end of your Drop The Gloves Tour. How has the tour been treating you? Any stories you would like to share?

It has been such an honor being a part of the Drop The Gloves Tour. Definitely ranks up there with one of the best tours we have ever done. We have been able to play so many new venues that we have never played before, and have made so many new friends because of this tour as well

What has been your favorite stop so far?

I think the rest of the band would agree, and even the other touring bands would agree that the NYC date of this tour was one of the most insane shows we have ever played. There was something about the atmosphere of that show, the crowd, the venue, that just made it a night we will never forget. Definitely our favorite NYC show to date as well!

Off of your newest album, Rising Moon: Setting Sun, what is everyones favorite song? Not only to perform but also what was your favorite to write and record?

We currently play 3 songs off of Rising Moon:Setting Sun in our set. Undefeated, Chorus Of The Dead, and Never There. The reason we have chosen to add those specific songs to our set is because the energy the songs produce. When we perform live, we like to keep the energy high, and in your face at all times. Eventually, we will definitely be adding a couple more songs to our set from that album, considering there are still a couple of our personal favorites that we haven’t added to the set yet. One of my personal favorites would have to be Hopeless One, I am very proud of the message that song sends, and I’m excited to get that included into the set.

Who would you say are your musical inspirations?

Personally, my musical inspirations are derived from many things, and it’s not just from other musicians. I can find inspiration in nearly everything that surrounds me, whether that inspiration would make me feel positive or negative about something varies. I write both positive and negative lyrics, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. My fellow band mates are constantly inspiring me as well, I suppose that’s why I am in a band with them. Their talent and drive push me to be better at what I do.

Since being signed in 2010 you guys have been on a roll, amazing tour after amazing tour, always pushing out amazing new music. What keeps you guys so driven?

Yes, it has definitely been a wild ride, and it has only gotten better with time. I think that alone keeps us driven, seeing growth in ourselves, and wanting to continue to see where it goes. Also, the people that support us are a HUGE reason why we stay so driven. Our friends/fans are basically the oxygen of this band, they keep us breathing, they keep us alive. Without them, I really have no idea where we would be, not here, that’s for sure.

Here is a fun one for everyone in the band. Through the grapevine I hear everyone is a fan of Harry Potter, Favorite Characters go!

A couple of us are huge Harry Potter nerds, mostly Doug and I (Kyle). It’s definitely hard to pick just one favorite character, but for the sake of the interview, we will. Doug’s favorite character is Tom Riddle, which you all know as Voldemort in his later years. My personal favorite, especially in the movies is Horace Slughorn, there is just something about how he carries himself that is almost comical, at least to me.

True or False, The song My Personal Hell off of Rising Moon: Setting Sun… may or may not have some Potter references?

True! Personal Hell (Page 394) is definitely based upon a character from the Harry Potter series. The instrumentals of this song reminded me of ‘going through hell’ and personal complication, so I knew that I wanted to base the song around that. At the time, it was hard to relate that feeling to completely myself, so I looked to the Harry Potter series for some inspiration, as I have a few times before when writing lyrics. This time it was based around Remus Lupin, a Hogwarts professor who also happens to turn into a werewolf on nights with a full moon. Lupin was not fond of his complexity, it made life difficult for him, and hard to feel normal. It was his ‘personal hell’. So I wrote the lyrics based around him, and how it must have felt to be him. The reference to Page 394 is a nod to Severus Snape, when he asked the students to turn to page 394, which was about werewolves, because he wanted the students to have an awareness of what they could possibly run into when Lupin was teaching at the school. I’m a nerd, and I’m not sorry about it.

Last but most importantly not least! If everyone were to have attended Hogwarts, what houses would you all like to be in?

This is a tough one. Doug and I have both gone through the Pottermore sorting hat experience online, and we have both been sorted to Slytherin, even though sometimes I feel that I would be a Gryffindor. As for the rest of the guys, I will do the honors of being the sorting hat for them. I feel that Todd would be Gryffindor, Jimm would be a Ravenclaw, and Steve would be a Hufflepuff…due to his love for certain extracurricular activities…haha!

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