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ONI is currently on their first North American tour with Children of Bodom, Abbath, and Exmortus.  They’re hitting 21 cities within the month and before they hit Dallas this week we got some interview questions in with Jake (vocalist), Chase (bassist) and Joe (drummer).

ONI’s debut album Ironshore released on Black Friday! How has the response been thus far?

Jake: I’ve been surprised so far by how well it’s been received.

Chase: It’s always interesting to read reviews and see who people think our influences are.

New Noise Magazine recently reviewed Ironshore saying, “ONI are rhythmic masters first and foremost, but the melodic shredding, while tasteful, is especially noteworthy.” Not to mention if you previously liked acts such as Protest the Hero and The Human Abstract, you would be sure to dig their new album, Ironshore.

The progressive traits in the band seem to span from all over, do you guys have any particular inspirations?

Jake: Sikth, Last Chance To Reason, The Human Abstract, Between the Buried and Me, Meshuggah, Periphery, Protest the Hero, Dream Theater.

Chase: Miley Cyrus.

Enlighten us with what the name “Oni” means, what It means to YOU, and how that inspired your stage presence and attire.

Jake: It hasn’t inspired our stage presence or attire. That’s something we honed in over the many years of playing shows. Oni is the Japanese Ogre Demon. I named the band. I was drawn to imagery and the simplicity of the name- I wanted the band name to be short and simple.

Chase: It’s a shape-shifting demon, which in a way, represents our approach to song writing. All our songs are so different. And some of them start one day, then evolve into something else altogether the next.

You’re touring with Children of Bodom and Abbath, both legends in their own sort. How has it been so far?

Chase: It’s been an honor and a privilege. A lot of our band has been long time fans of Children of Bodom. We go from the first part of the night where we are playing to fans on stage then later on we watch them as fans. It’s awesome.

Jake: The highlight of the tour so far for me has been hanging with our friends in Exmortus.

Anywhere you’re excited to perform?

Joe: It was awesome playing in Toronto because that was sort of our hometown show and our friends and families came out. I’ve also always wanted to play at House of Blues in Chicago.

Jake: I’m looking forward to playing Philly.

Have you done many tours so far? Considering the album is a debut, is this your first BIG tour to take on?

Jake: This is the biggest tour we’ve done but this is our third major tour. We’ve already been twice earlier this year- Once with Devil You Know and we did another tour with Max and Iggor for Cavelera.

What would a dream tour lineup be?

Jake: It’s different for everyone in the band. Gojira/Lamb of God/Oni OR Slipknot/Sikth/Oni.

Joe: Dream Theatre headlining, with Between the Buried and Me and us.

Chase: Sikth, Animals as Leaders and us.

The Xylosynth playthrough made pretty decent waves online, how has the feedback been for that?

Joe: I think people are really interested in the instrument. It brings four mallet marimba technique to a group of people who have never seen it before.

What inspired you guys to include a xylo-synth player?

Jake: We already had 2 guitar players. Chase wanted another shredder. Some of the other band members knew John through the Windsor Music scene from his old band. When we met up with him, we knew we wanted him in the band.

What’s the story of how you guys were discovered?

Jake: I stole pick of destiny. The rest is history.

What does the future of ONI look like? I hadn’t heard of you guys before now, and I am already a fan. Can’t wait to see where you go!

Jake: We will be on tour with our friends in the Devil You Know in the UK in January. We don’t have anything else confirmed yet but because our album just came out so we expect to be on tour most of  2017.

Chase: We’re always coming up with new ideas for material. There will be a follow up to Ironshore, for sure.


Confirmed dates for the I Worship Chaos 2016 North American tour with ABBATH, EXMORTUS and ONI are:

11/23/2016  L’Imperial Bell – Quebec City, QC CANADA
11/24/2016  Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
11/25/2016  Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON CANADA
11/26/2016  House of Blues – Chicago, IL
11/28/2016  House of Blues – Cleveland, OH
11/29/2016  The Rave – Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
11/30/2016  Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
12/02/2016  The Summit Music – Hall Denver, CO
12/03/2016  The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
12/05/2016  The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
12/06/2016  The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
12/07/2016  The Pressroom – Phoenix, AZ
12/09/2016  Gas Monkey Live! – Dallas, TX
12/10/2016  The Aztec Theater – San Antonio, TX
12/11/2016  House of Blues – Houston, TX
12/13/2016  The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
12/14/2016  Neighborhood Theatre – Charlotte, NC
12/16/2016  Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
12/17/2016  Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
12/18/2016  Irving Plaza – New York, NY
12/19/2016  Warsaw – Brooklyn, NY

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