The Melvins Return to Austin, Tx


After almost a little over a year, The Melvins made their triumphant return back to Austin and performed to a sold out show at local temple of all things music, The Mohawk. Fans packed every free square inch of space in the venue to catch a glimpse of our king for the evening. We may be crammed together like pigs to the slaughter, but we’re all smiles on this factory floor. The lights flicker and fade as the house music dies down. The gulf of brief silence is soon drowned in the cheers of die hard and soon-to-be-die-hardfans. The stage is bathed in red and we finally see the fuzzed out crown that could only belong to King Buzzo, front man of the fuzzed out fits of doom and punk that are The Melvins. Bassist Steven Shane McDonald is also sporting his own black fuzzy vest this evening…or is it blue? We’ll never know because the entire set is awash in red.

The night starts with doom favorite, Eye Flys before launching in to a cover of Kiss’ “Deuce” and more frantic “The Kicking Machine.” If you’ve never seen or listened to Melvins, you should correct that immediately. I will say that I had never listened to them until I had seen them live…and I hadn’t seen them live until last year. I’m ashamed that it took me that long because The Melvins are one of those bands that you don’t realize their influence until you see them live and suddenly that one Soundgarden, or Hole, or Mastodon, or Clutch, or Baroness song you like reminds you of the one time you saw The Melvins. Seldomly letting up save for the slowe Magic Pig Detective, The Mevlins pummel their way through the night landing on Sesame Street Meat or my personal favorites “A Growing Disgust” and “Revolve”.

By the end of the night, you’re soaked in sweat and sound. Hopefully you’ve made some new friends and maybe even got in the pit that inevitably swallowed the whole general admission pit. But if you’ve learned anything from this night, aside from that you probably have to learn how to read lips now, it’s that you will not miss The Melvins the next time they roll through town.

 Photographs taken on September 8th, 2017 at MoHawk in Austin, Texas

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