Mayday Parade, Interview: Warped Tour


Mayday Parade is known for their hard hitting songs about love and loss. What was once a five piece band from Tallahassee, Florida is now an internationally adored pop-punk group. Mayday Parade is no stranger to the Vans Warped Tour, and that gave me the chance to speak with lead singer, Derek Sanders.

How has Warped Tour been so far?

It has been incredible. It’s over now, just two left. But it’s been my favourite year doing it for sure. It has been one of the best summers ever. Absolutely incredible.

So, from the musician’s point of view, how well received was Monsters In The Closet and why?

I think it was pretty well received. We’ve been lucky, I mean every album we’ve put out has kind of done the same thing. You know, it’s kind of kept us moving forward, and I feel like it accomplished that, and I don’t know. We tried to push ourselves and tried to appreciate what we have still and tried to keep that part in. And each album we try to go a little outside of the box, and try to try out some new sounds and everything. So I don’t know. It’s great to still be there. It kind of gave us a whole new life and everything. Each time we put out an album it’s like that.

To you, how does it differ from the other albums?

Kind of like I said before it’s outside the box. Like I feel like each album we’ve done we’ve kind of like incorporate what we’ve done before, and also expand a little upon that. I feel like that’s what we’ll try and do with every album here on out. I think we did that well with this one. I think there are some songs like Hold On To Me and 12 Through 15 I feel like are a little different than what we did before. We want to just kind of keep on going with that. Still have those kind of core Mayday Parade songs, and then kind of have some other songs and reach out beyond that as well.

You mentioned 12 Through 15. Can you tell me a little about that song?

That’s a song that Jake, our drummer, wrote the majority of. So basically whenever we write, everybody brings in ideas. Some of them are fully finished song ideas, and basically that’s what Jake started with.

Many of your fans recognize you through your abundance of bracelets. Is there a story behind all that?

I just get a lot of them. I always have. And I started wearing them and as you wear them you get more and more of them.

Every time you get a new one you wear it?

I wore all of them at the beginning and every now and then I’ll take some off and it gets to be a little much. They come and go and I have all of them. The ones I take off I still keep. I just have bags and bags full.

Who would you say are your musical influences currently verses when you first joined Mayday Parade?

I don’t know. It’s tough to say because it’s sort of the same. I don’t know, it’s not much different. All these bands in the genre, you know, Saves The Day, Taking Back Sunday, just all of that, I feel like. But obviously we change who we listen to.

With such a large fanbase I’m sure you get a few out of the blue moments. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve signed?

I don’t know, probably a condom or something.

What bands are your favourite to watch on Warped Tour?

I really like Enter Shikari, Bad Rabbits, Real Friends, Four Year Strong, Saves The Day, oh definitely The Maine, State Champs. Yeah. That’s a lot.

Last question; if you had to be sorted into a Harry Potter house, which house would it be?

I would go with Hufflepuff because somebody asked me that once and that’s what I said.

Mayday Parade’s latest album, Monsters In The Closet featuring Hold On To Me and 12 Through 15 is out now, and it is totally worth every penny. If you have heard it, good. If you haven’t, do you live under a rock?


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