Lorde: Live at South Side Ballroom

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Not many teenagers can say they’ve scooped up a couple Grammys, have had two to three songs on national radio rotation, or played sold out shows around the world before the age of 18. But Ella Yelich-O’Connor, aka Lorde, has accomplished all of the above. Age 17.

Peforming a sold out show at the South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas on March 4th, Lorde graced the room with her oddly-intriguing set. The stage setup was rather simple, Lorde in the middle, 2 backup performers in the back and all in front of a tri-fold screen. The simplicity of the set added to the dramatic aspect of Lorde’s personal performance. For those who watched her live in the Grammys, you probably noticed the way her body moves along with the words of her songs. This televised performance was not much different than the intimate show for only 2,000 fans.

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I, for one, am I huge fan of Lorde’s album, Pure Heroin. All of the songs are so dramatically different but ironically have the same concept. She opened with the track “Glory and Gore,” a personal favorite, and the crowd went wild. Speaking of the crowd, it was the most diverse in age I’ve ever seen at a show in Dallas. Many young girls who aspire to be her, drunkened adults who were in love with “Royals”, and die hard teenage fans who sang along to every word.

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But by far, my favorite song on her debut album is “Buzzcut Season,” and halfway through the set Lorde sang the tune in almost perfect harmony to how the song sounds recorded. This made me skeptical that maybe she was using more than just a little back tracking, but I knew better than that.

Lorde 3Surprisingly, “Royals” was NOT the last song of the night, even though many believed so because the crowd started filter out after the hit song was over. I also noticed that there were many confused parents looking for a place to buy a t-shirt and other merchandise for their young children, but couldn’t find it. It was very odd that there were no tour-tshirts to commemorate Lorde’s first ever concert in Dallas (from my understanding).

So to those who doubted Ellas’s ability to perform live should blame it on the nerves. This 17 year old plantnium singer has chords like I’ve never heard before. Her graceful little notes and thank-yous between songs added to her overall gratitude for every single fan in that room. “Royals” is a great song, but for those who want to dig a little deeper into her abilities need to check out any song on Pure Heroin and attend this tour in their city. Absolutely phenomenal. 

Words by Alyssa Kromelis//Photos by Darkhouse Image and Alyssa Kromelis

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