Korn wants to know “Are You Ready?!?!”


It was 21 years ago on October 11th when Korn released their self-titled album to the world. Their immediate success in the world of Nu-Metal launched them forward to produce 10 studio albums. Tonight they graced their fans, which lined up for blocks around Stubbs BBQ in Austin, Texas; with their self-titled album from start to finish. I’ve personally loved the recent trend of artists/bands going on a tour performing only one album its entirety. It’s not often you go see one of your favorite bands play all the songs from a single album. There are probably songs you like that others don’t and vice versa. Satisfying that hunger by performing an entire album for fans is truly a great thing. Additionally, choosing smaller venues for a more intimate experience is an added touch. Stubb’s BBQ is where they chose in Austin, Tx to play along with Suicide Silence and Islander. I haven’t been to Stubbs before but I have friends who have gone to watch bands or take photos of them. What they described matched my expectations. Open area with a good size stage at a good height for both photographers and fans. The side-walk outside of the venue was line after line of bodies, so many fans that it lined around the block all the way from Red River to Frontage Road of I-35. Korn shirts old and new could be seen in any direction. It felt like being at one of their shows in the early 90’s when they were blowing up in the music scene, everything Korn.


The first act are the guys from Greenville, South Carolina, Islander. I went to their merch table to find out about the band. Any hints or tips to their performance to look out for as I’m taking photos. Their merch guy described their music straight out of the Nu-Metal textbook. Music similar to Deftones, Korn, Papa Roach, etc many of my favorite bands growing up. Mikey Carvajal in skate pants and flannel shirt reminded me of Chino Moreno right off the bat. As soon as they started playing Cold Speak from their album Violence & Destruction I knew what the merch guy meant. I felt I was transported back to the days when Nu-Metal was ruling the radio waves. J.R. sported what seemed to be a dinosaur outfit. Wearing shirt and pants with green reptilian design. Including a lizard tail behind him that would whip around with his dreadlocks as he stomped on stage, I loved his energy. One thing you will notice from the band is the heavy use and great sounding bass tone to the songs. The coolest thing about their set was the color changing drum set reacting to the music in real-time.


I’ve heard great things about Suicide Silence. I have never seen them live before and I was eager to see what they are like live. The five piece band from Riverside, California blew me away with their heavy riffs and heart stopping bass and drums. From the very beginning their set never showed signs of slowing down. Song after song I swear they got heavier to the point that my Dubs Acoustic Filters rattled in my ears. You could feel the air being pressure out of the subwoofers escaping from the speaker enclosures under the stage. Their stage presence was full of energy that they fed off the fans going nuts in the mosh pit. After the three songs we are allowed to show I stay to the side of the crowd and at one point a massive circle pit sparked. I noticed a women freak out and I could hear her say “Oh Sh*t” despite the volume of the band on stage. Suicide Silence plan to release an EP titled Sacred Words from their 2014 You Can’t Stop Me Album this October. The EP will feature the single “Sacred Words” as well as various unreleased tracks, including 3 live tracks taken from a live performance at the Hungarian festival RockPart 2015. After their set they handed out guitar picks and other memorabilia, that’s when Alex Lopez personally handed a drum stick to a young fan whom I learned was their first concert. How f*cking cool is that?

Suicide Silence

In the many years I’ve been a fan of Korn, I’ve only seen them one other time and that was at Slipknot’s Prepare For Hell Tour in 2014. They put on a great show in a massive arena with incredible stage production. Now I would be seeing them front and center just feet away from me for an up close and personal performance for myself and hundreds of fans. SPLASH! You hear from Ray’s cymbals with Munky jumping into the song Blind with the “Wahnanana” guitar riff signature to the song and Fieldy coming in with the thundering bass line. The song builds up with Jonathan Davis walking up to the mic to scream “Are You Ready” and the venue explodes. Strobes are firing, the band is head banging, and every fan has their arms in the air with metal horns. The band followed with Ball Tongue and Need To before we were escorted out of the pit. Korn continued playing their entire self-titled as listed on track list for the album. Their encore consisted of Falling Away From Me, Here To Stay, Coming Undone, Spike in My Veins, & ending with Freak on a Leash. This nostalgia filled tour is a must for any Korn fan!


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Photographs taken on October 19th of 2015  at Stubb’s BBQ in Austin, Texas

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